Build resilient systems at scale
October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY
Aly Fulton

Aly Fulton
.Support Engineering, Travis CI


Aly Fulton is currently a developer and customer supporter at Travis CI. Her development experience is in Ruby/Rails and JavaScript. She plans to transition into an Operations role at Travis CI to achieve full DevOps glory. She likes cats, computers, and video games. In her previous life, Aly was studying to be a speech-language pathologist (but she’s been a tech nerd since she can remember).


4:35pm–5:15pm Tuesday, 10/13/2015
Location: Gramercy
Aly Fulton (Travis CI)
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Despite being comfortable working with distributed systems, the idea of a remote, distributed team seems to make some companies uneasy. This talk aims to change that, by examining the advantages of remote teams for both companies and employees, as well as discussing remote-friendly DevOps strategies. Read more.

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