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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Robert Peters
Chief Technology Officer, Verizon Digital Media Services

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Rob Peters is CTO for Verizon Digital Media Services. He was one of the early members of the engineering team at VDMS (then EdgeCast), and spent many years working with the company’s core http cache/proxy engine and its surrounding infrastructure ecosystem of software and hardware. He enjoys deliberating about deployment methodologies, looking at graphs and grids full of colorful numbers, and finding analogies between biological systems and technology.

Rob completed a Ph.D. in Computation and Neural Systems at the California Institute of Technology, and spent several years in post-doctoral work at the University of Southern California building biologically-inspired computer vision software. You can find Rob online at @rjpcal .


10:10am–10:20am Tuesday, 10/13/2015
Location: Grand Ballroom
Robert Peters (Verizon Digital Media Services )
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The internet and the web are well on their way to becoming foundational and ubiquitous technologies throughout the world. People want to see these in the same category as other technologies that we take for granted and expect to "just work," like electricity to our homes, clean, running water, or our cars. But it’s hard to say that the internet "just works." Read more.

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