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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY
Jan-Joost Bouwman

Jan-Joost Bouwman
Process owner Service management, ING

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Jan-Joost Bouwman started his career in IT as a tester/designer in the voice response industry, becoming one of the leading dialogue designers of the Netherlands. He switched to service management when he joined ING, riding the wave of ITIL implementation to become change manager and finally process owner service management for DB/CIO. In that last capacity he has been one of the DevOps evangelists within ING, running an internal community dedicated to sharing knowledge over hundreds of teams. He facilitates his DevOps colleagues with a more Agile approach to the traditional ITIL service management processes, while trying to automate as much as possible. Jan-Joist has spoken on the DevOps transition within ING at several DevOps conferences. In his spare time he enjoys birdwatching, travel, and cooking.


9:40am–10:05am Monday, 10/12/2015
Location: Rhinelander South
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After Agile/Scrum as our development methodology, we made the transition to DevOps, with joint responsibility for production together with a representative of the business. The next step is to transform our entire organisation into tribes, squads, and chapter leads. Business and IT are now very close to each other. How will they cooperate? Read more.

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