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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY
Dylan Richard

Dylan Richard
nerd, Modest, Inc - formerly Obama for America

Website | @dylanr

Dylan Richard is the full-bearded technologist who, as director for engineering, quietly led the 40 engineers of Obama for America’s Technology team to victory in 2012. Previously, he helmed technical teams as vice president of engineering at skinnyCorp (home of, and was a senior developer at Crate and Barrel. Dylan lives in Chicago, Illinois with his patient wife, two amazing sons, a cat, and a rotating stable of old diesel VWs. His possible favorite claim to fame is having his chest-length beard proclaimed “fierce” by President Barack Obama. Dylan is now working to build the future of commerce as Founder and CTO of Modest.


9:05am–9:25am Wednesday, 10/14/2015
Location: Grand Ballroom
Dylan Richard (Modest, Inc - formerly Obama for America)
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We have all the tools in the world, but we've forgotten how to solve problems. This talk is about how focusing engineering teams on solving real people problems using real people solutions leads to better solutions. Read more.

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