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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY
Patrick Meenan

Patrick Meenan
Software Engineer, Facebook

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Patrick Meenan is a software engineer at Facebook, where he’s helping make the web faster. Patrick has been working on web performance in one form or another for the last 25 years. Previously, he worked at Cloudflare and Google to make Chrome and the web faster. Patrick created the popular open source WebPageTest web performance measurement tool, runs the free instance of it at, and can frequently be found in the forums helping site owners understand and improve their website performance.


4:35pm–5:15pm Tuesday, 10/13/2015
Location: Nassau Suite
Tim Kadlec (Independent), Ilya Grigorik (Google), Patrick Meenan (Facebook)
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We're trying something new this year in New York. We've had a lot of interesting announcements recently, and we're picking one of them for a (friendly) debate. Google just announced AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages. Some say it's a performance win for everyone, others feel it's a slightly different take on the "walled garden" that is counter to a vision of an open web. Let the debate begin! Read more.

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