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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Optimizing images and type on the Web

Lara Hogan (Wherewithall)
11:20am–12:00pm Tuesday, 10/13/2015
Location: Nassau Suite
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Some understanding of HTML and CSS


You already care about performance and speed’s place in the design workflow. This deep-dive session will take the next steps, focusing on hands-on performance techniques. You’ll learn the following:

  • Nuances of each image file format used on the Web: where they came from, when to use each, and how to optimize JPEGs, GIFs, PNGs, and WebP
  • Font file character subsetting to reduce file size, and how Etsy tested different typography across platforms to unify branding and simplify our font kit
  • Proven techniques to help others in your organization care about performance so you can get to business fixing your site’s speed

Join the author of “Designing for Performance” as she gets into the nitty-gritty of image formats, font files, and crafting a culture of your performance so that you can actually implement the new techniques you’ll learn.

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Lara Hogan


Lara Hogan is a Senior Engineering Manager at Etsy and the author of Designing for Performance. She champions performance as a part of the overall user experience, striking a balance between aesthetics and speed, and building performance into company culture.

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Picture of Lara Hogan
Lara Hogan
10/21/2015 11:43am EDT

Uploaded! :)

Picture of Andrey Volikov
Andrey Volikov
10/21/2015 10:23am EDT

Hi Lara, +1 could you please share slides :)

Ronak Rathod
10/20/2015 7:23pm EDT

Hi Lara,
Can you share the slides please?

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