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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Redefining culture fit at work

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All too often we define culture fit as conformity to a series of traditions collected in the workplace: ping pong, pourover coffee, or drinking whiskey on Fridays. This model of cultural definition is meant to highlight ways in which we’re similar at work. Unfortunately focusing on these traditions is superficial and exclusionary. Is there a better way? I think so.

In this talk I will make the case to prefer shared values over collected traditions. To focus more on the core, intangible character traits you’d like to share with your co-workers and put less stock in the superficial traditions some of you may enjoy.

Is it fun to play ping pong with your co-workers? For most of us it is. Is it more important than being a continuous learner? I will try to convince you it isn’t. Lets redefine culture fit together.

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