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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Bluemix + next-generation analytics with Apache Spark

CHETNA WARADE (IBM Corporation), David Taieb (IBM)
9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 10/12/2015
Location: Gramercy East
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Have you ever wondered how to develop a service and deploy it into the cloud? In this tutorial come join us and learn how to develop a service and integrate with other services on Bluemix, IBM’s award winning hybrid cloud development platform.

IBM Analytics for Apache Spark is now opening up new avenues to develop next-generation analytics that combine the power of Spark with the rich set of data-centric Services available on Bluemix in new and innovative ways. The contents of this tutorial includes a deep dive and detailed code walk through of a sample application that does sentiment analysis on twitter conversations by integrating Spark streaming and Spark Twitter API with Watson Tone Analyzer Service. In this presentation, you’ll learn how to set up a local development environment for Scala using the SBT tool, how to package, deploy and run your Spark Streaming application on a Jupyter Scala Notebook on Bluemix and finally how to create compelling analytics and visualization’s using a IPython Notebook.

We’ll complete the tutorial with a discussion on the main Spark use cases and the architectural patterns to implement them.

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IBM Corporation

Chetna Warade is a software engineer who writes articles and publications, does programming, performance engineering, and practices agile software development. In 2014 and 2010 Chetna was issued patents from the USPTO, and won the IBM First Invention Plateau award in 2010. She has three patents pending and several IBM IP patent review board publications.

Chetna has worked in research and product development since 1999 and has expertise in prototype development, application and database servers, scalability, performance tuning and analysis, healthcare and life sciences, and algorithms. She earned a masters degree in computer science from the University of Georgia at Athens and a bachelors degree from the University of Mumbai in India.

Chetna has authored performance reports of various releases of Rational Team Concert, including Case Study: Comparing RTC and 4.0.3 Plan Loading Performance (2013), and Case Study: Examining Rational Team Concert Performance with WebSphere Application Server and Tomcat (2012). She presented and authored High Throughput Web Services for Life Sciences at the ITCC IEEE Computer Society (2005). She is a co-author of the Web Services for Bioinformatics series in three parts, and TcruziDB: an Integrated Trypanosoma cruzi Genome Resource (2004).

Photo of David Taieb

David Taieb


David Taieb is the STSM for the Cloud Data Services Developer Advocacy team at IBM, where he leads a team of avid technologists with the mission of educating developers on the art of possible with cloud technologies. He’s passionate about building open source tools, such as the PixieDust Python library for the Jupyter Notebook and Apache Spark, that help improve developer’s productivity and overall experience. Previously, David was the lead architect for the Watson Core UI and Tooling team based in Littleton, Massachusetts, where he led the design and development of a Unified Tooling Platform to support all the Watson Tools, including accuracy analysis, test experiments, corpus ingestion, and training data generation. Before that, he was the lead architect for the Domino Server OSGi team responsible for integrating the eXpeditor J2EE Web Container in Domino and building first-class APIs for the developer community. David started with IBM in 1996, working on various globalization technologies and products including Domino Global Workbench and a multilingual content management system for the Websphere Application Server. David enjoys sharing his experience by speaking at conferences and meeting as many people as possible. You’ll find him at various events like the Strata Data Conference, Velocity, and IBM Interconnect.

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