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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

The darker side of tech

Bryan Liles (Heptio)
9:35am–9:55am Tuesday, 10/13/2015
Location: Grand Ballroom
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I’m going to talk about cognitive bias in operations land. I will go through two examples.

The first example is how cognitive biases can help us miss the next great thing. In this case, I will show how we could have almost missed the Docker revolution. I’ll use this example to draw parallels and build up a transition to my second point.

The second example is the meat of the talk. In this example I’ll reflect on how blindly rejecting ideas from others unlike yourself is the biggest diversity/integration issue in tech and society.

The talk will end with bold assertions about why we are in the tech industry. I will fall short of proposing a solution, but will leave with tech’s problems are society’s problems, and we have to think bigger in our search for solutions.

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Bryan Liles


Bryan Liles is an engineer at Heptio. When he is not writing software to help move teams to Kubernetes, he gets to speak at conferences on topics ranging from machine learning to building the next generation of developers. In his free time, Bryan races cars in straight lines and around turns and builds robots and devices.

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