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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Modern performance best practices

Dustin Whittle (AppDynamics)
9:00am–10:30am Monday, 10/12/2015
Location: Regent Parlor
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic knowledge of html, css, javascript.

Materials or downloads needed in advance

  • A laptop as this is an interactive tutorial
  • GitHub account for access to demo app
  • Google Chrome with Google PageSpeed extension installed
  • Sublime text or textmate


Join this tutorial for a practical introduction to modern performance best practices for web apps. We will dive into the latest tools and best practices for launching an ideal end-user experience. Find out how you can leverage Chrome Developer Tools, Google PageSpeed, and WebPageTest to get started improving your applications.

  • Why web performance matters
  • Common performance best practices – dive into PageSpeed Rules + look at
  • A refactoring example – we will have an interactive refactoring session of an existing app to reach an ideal pagespeed score
  • Discuss common tools that automate these techniques (ngx_pagespeed, vwo, yottaa, etc)
  • Dive into WebPageTest to show how to test web performance
  • Recap best practices and follow up with resources
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Dustin Whittle


Dustin Whittle is a developer evangelist at AppDynamics, where he focuses on helping organizations manage application performance. Before joining AppDynamics, Dustin was CTO at Kwarter, a consultant at SensioLabs, and developer evangelist at Yahoo. He has experience building and leading engineering teams and working with developers and partners to to scale up. When Dustin isn’t working, he enjoys flying, sailing, diving, golfing, and traveling around the world. Find out more at

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Picture of Dustin Whittle
10/09/2015 12:11pm EDT

That is correct, the page speed insights extension has been deprecated since May 2015. We will use the online service (and api) in the talk.

You can use any preferred text editor as long as you can edit html, css, and javascript files.

Looking forward to meeting everyone in person!

10/09/2015 10:51am EDT

Two questions about prep work:

> Google Chrome with Google PageSpeed extension installed says “PageSpeed Insights for Google Chrome has been deprecated. Please use the online version of PageSpeed Insights.” Is that what this referred to, or is there something else we need?

> Sublime text or textmate

Can we use another favorite text editor, or will we specifically need one of those two?

Thanks! Looking forward to it.

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