Build resilient systems at scale
October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Breaking things on purpose

Jeremy Edberg (MinOps)
11:00am–11:30am Monday, 10/12/2015
Location: Rhinelander South
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic knowledge of system administration and software principles.


This talk will cover the latest in availability and chaos initiatives, including a lot of examples from my experience at Netflix. Programs with names like FIT, NTS, Blue, and Chaos Engineering.

I’ll dive into things you can do to make sure your system just works. I’ll cover not only what to do, but why you do each one; the motivation for each specific system; what kinds of outages, problems or theories led to each system; and what each one tests and how.

Photo of Jeremy Edberg

Jeremy Edberg


Jeremy Edberg, the CEO and Founder of MinOps, which makes using the cloud stupid easy. He is an angel investor and advisor for various incubators and startups. Previously, Jeremy was the founding reliability engineer for Netflix. Before that, he ran Ops for Reddit, which at the time had more than five billion pageviews a month. Jeremy’s expertise is in distributed computing, availability, rapid scaling, and cloud computing. He also edited the highly acclaimed AWS for Dummies.

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