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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Panel: Burnout in tech

Justin Lintz (Spring), Maggie Zhou (Etsy), Alex Nobert (Flynn), Ceren Ercen (Independent), Bryan Liles (Heptio)
2:10pm–2:50pm Tuesday, 10/13/2015
Location: Gramercy
Average rating: ****.
(4.38, 16 ratings)

Prerequisite Knowledge

Awareness of this as an issue in our industry; a desire to help those who are experiencing burnout and prevent it from arising in the future


Justin Lintz will moderate this solutions-oriented session. We will discuss factors that contribute to burnout, and discuss some broad measures for early detection of, and recovery from, burnout. A panel of practitioners will discuss these factors in the context of their own experiences and focus on solutions that everyone in the audience can factor into their daily lives and work.

Panelists are still to be announced, and will be added here as they are confirmed.

Photo of Justin Lintz

Justin Lintz


Justin Lintz is the director of web operations at Spring, where he is in charge of Spring’s growing AWS infrastructure. Previously he worked in operations roles at Chartbeat, Bitly, and TheStreet. Justin earned his degree in computer science with applied mathematics at University at Albany, SUNY. Justin resides in New York with his Amazon Echo, Alexa.

Photo of Maggie Zhou

Maggie Zhou


Maggie Zhou works on the Core Platform team at Etsy where she builds infrastructure to manage challenges scaling the site. Before Etsy, Maggie spent time at the Recurse Center and wrote software at Google.

Photo of Alex Nobert

Alex Nobert


At Flynn, Alex Nobert is working on the next-generation PaaS of your dreams. Previously, he built and led Ops at Shopify, Vox Media, and Minted. For some reason, he enjoys wearing a tie. Alex has a side gig as a personal assistant to Pupperz and Trudy, the two dogs with whom he shares a house.

Ceren Ercen


Ceren has been doing sysadmin/ops at nearly a dozen companies since before the first dotcom crash, and most recently at Shapeways. She is enthusiastic about cross-company ops discussions, has a lasting love of hardware and datacenter planning, and is a fanatical advocate of the principle of least surprise. Her spare time is spent with rescue pigeons, gender/queer issues, and Hawaiian ethnobotany.

Photo of Bryan Liles

Bryan Liles


Bryan Liles is an engineer at Heptio. When he is not writing software to help move teams to Kubernetes, he gets to speak at conferences on topics ranging from machine learning to building the next generation of developers. In his free time, Bryan races cars in straight lines and around turns and builds robots and devices.

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