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October 12–14, 2015 • New York, NY

Grow as a team, together!

Rachelle Entwisle

We continually hear that Velocity is a great place to learn together as a team across performance, web development, and operations.

More and more companies are embracing collaboration, which is near and dear to our heart at Velocity. The conference was originally formed by web developers and operations teams who identified the potential to bridge the gap between these two traditionally siloed teams and increase efficiencies. On the web performance side, you can hear from brilliant, forward-thinking minds like Tammy Everts and Tim Kadlec. On the development side, explore topics like “Better front-end performance with Flexbox”, and “Writing a polyglot datastore story”. For operations, you’ll find a vast array of interesting—and mission-critical—topics including DevOps hiring and tooling; container management and orchestration; and disaster response and postmortems. And for teams, the culture sessions on DevOps are especially important because they help you collectively implement the things you’ve learned. Teams that really get this aspect can do exceptional things in their organizations like hire for diversity, collaborate without disfunction, develop successful postmortems, and avoid burnout. When these teams come together, the organization benefits in big ways through workflow efficiencies, lean management, and discovery of new tools and techniques.

When you attend as a team, you can explore complementary topics, discuss ideas while they’re fresh and build a shared vision that you can bring back to the office.

Velocity is also an excellent place to build connections, but the number of people you can meet on your own is limited. Having your team there you can vastly expand the number of contacts you make. You’ll be able to vet new vendors, find potential hires, and meet people solving similar complex problems.

Velocity has been the meeting place for the web operations and performance communities for over six years. In that time, we’ve observed an upward trend in companies that are sending teams of all sizes, from 3 to 50. This speaks more strongly than anything else to the value of inspiring your team with a shared vision of optimization, collaboration, and performance—and giving them the tools they need to achieve the vision. Make a commitment to optimize your team and teamwork today—then contact us to talk about a unique group discount. See you in New York! Contact Rachelle directly for a team discount:

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