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28–30 October 2015 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Assaf Hefetz

Assaf Hefetz
Cofounder, Snyk

Assaf Hefetz is the cofounder of, where he builds web security tools for developers. Assaf was previously director of innovation at Supercom, where he led the development and innovation of the company’s security products, and a senior developer at Skycure, where he researched and helped fix mobile security threats. Assaf is a hardcore developer and security expert and is passionate about finding and protecting against software vulnerabilities.


10:00–10:15 Thursday, 29/10/2015
Location: Auditorium
Guy Podjarny (Snyk), Assaf Hefetz (Snyk)
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A modern web application today is made up of 90 percent third-party code. We use third-party modules, platforms, domains, and more to get our applications running quickly and well. However, we often overlook the threat involved in running someone else’s code as though we wrote it ourselves. Each such piece of code may be malicious, compromised, or have vulnerabilities - and we’d be none the wiser. Read more.