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28–30 October 2015 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Frederieke Ubels

Frederieke Ubels
Director IT Innovation & coaching,


Frederieke Ubels has been working for for 10+ years. As director of IT innovation, she is responsible for continuous improvement of the innovation process at, alignment with business departments, and for the transition to a DevOps way of working, to ensure scalability of the IT organization. This helps grow, stay ahead of the competition, and hold its leading role in (e)commerce in the Netherlands and Belgium. Frederieke started as the manager of the book department, and switched to IT in 2007. Her background in the marketing department has played a key role in aligning the IT organization with the business departments within


11:50–12:30 Friday, 30/10/2015
Location: G104/105
Frederieke Ubels (, William de Ronde (
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