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28–30 October 2015 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Lindsay Holmwood

Lindsay Holmwood
Infrastructure and Platforms Lead, Australian Government Digital Transformation Office

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Lindsay Holmwood is a engineering manager living in the Australian Blue Mountains. Lindsay works at the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Office, building clearer, simpler, faster, more humane public services . A long-time contributor to the open source and DevOps communities, he authored cucumber-nagios, Visage, and Flapjack, and has run the Sydney DevOps meetup the past five years.

Lindsay speaks internationally about both the cultural and technical side of DevOps, covering Just Culture, complexity, cognitive biases, and monitoring tools. He also won third place at the 1996 Sydney Royal Easter Show LEGO building competition.


11:50–12:30 Thursday, 29/10/2015
Location: G104/105
Lindsay Holmwood (Australian Government Digital Transformation Office)
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"Fail fast, fail often" is a tech industry mantra. But what's the point of embracing failure if we're not learning anything from it? The language we use and views we hold when talking about failure shape the outcome of that discussion, and how we learn in the future. Let's talk about how to learn better about What Went Wrong and minimise blame in our organisations. Read more.
13:45–14:25 Thursday, 29/10/2015
Location: G104/105
Samantha QuiƱones (AOL), Patrick Debois (Jedi), Lorna Mitchell (IBM), Lindsay Holmwood (Australian Government Digital Transformation Office)
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The topic of burnout has become front of mind for many people in our industry due to recent events. The individual consequences are potentially very damaging, ranging from a lack of career advancement to severe mental health problems, and in a few rare cases, suicide. But the focus cannot simply be on individuals - pervasive organizational issues contribute most significantly to burnout. Read more.