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28–30 October 2015 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Adapting for the times

Steve Workman (Yell)
13:45–14:25 Friday, 30/10/2015
Location: G102/103
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic knowledge of performance and the difference between adaptive and responsive design.


To some, the notion of creating a “mobile-only” website seems antiquated. With thousands of different devices accessing the web, it is almost impossible to keep up. Responsive web design may be the way forward for new sites; but what about old sites?

Yell has been online for nearly 20 years, and its legacy and the nature of its content mean that a completely responsive website is very difficult to achieve and still meet the user’s expectations of convenience. So how do we reduce this complexity?

Steve will show how Yell keeps its site performant and maintainable with limited resources through adaptive design, covering:

  • The challenges of moving to modern web design with a product with a long history
  • How Yell segments users on device type to provide the best UX for their context, balancing priorities of merchants, users, and the business
  • Taking a responsible progressive enhancement approach to keep performance high for low-end devices, and really pop for high-end computers
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Steve Workman


Steve Workman is the UI technology lead at Yell, the UK’s yellow pages, making sure you can find and choose a local business faster than you can flick through a book. Steve is an organiser of London Web Standards, an advocate of web performance and web standard best practices, helping developers make the web better for everyone.