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28–30 October 2015 • Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Blazing bits – networking’s journey to being open

Matt Peterson (Cumulus Networks)
14:40–15:20 Friday, 30/10/2015
Location: G106/107
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic IP networking knowledge - ping, traceroute, VLAN's, is the cable plugged in.


Modern compute infrastructure is crucially dependent on fast, reliable, and affordable networking. This need for connectivity exists within homes, businesses, and of course – datacenter environments. The success of IP networking is due in part to open protocols – though ironically most of the undelaying technology has been traditionally closed.

This talk will highlight the various efforts that are enabling IP networks to become open. Standards bodies, technology consortiums, start-ups, and established networking companies are charging forward – each with a unique “open” take. We’ll cover a brief historical prospective, evaluate the popular acronyms (think SDN, NFV, OCP), and finally separate real-world examples from market hype.

Photo of Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson

Cumulus Networks

Matt Peterson works within the office of the CTO at Cumulus Networks. His primary focus in this role is technical evangelism, after founding the initial customer experience team. Prior to Cumulus, Matt ran datacenter & network operations for Tumblr & Square. His work has been presented at numerous industry conferences such as APRICOT, SANOG, BSDCon, Defcon, CCC Camp, and 802 Planet. He enjoys hard cider and dislikes yearly playa dust in his network switches.