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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA
Lukasz Pater

Lukasz Pater
Systems Architect, CERN


Lukasz is a systems architect/developer with six years experience. He is in charge of the design and development of special solutions for CERN’s Asset Management System (dedicated interfaces, offline mobile apps, online lightweight interfaces, or customised authentication methods). Prior to CERN, Lukasz worked in Frankfurt at DeNIC in the design of ‘.de’ name servers. Lukasz holds a MSc degree in computer science from the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.


5:05pm–5:45pm Thursday, 05/28/2015
Location: Ballroom AB
Lukasz Pater (CERN)
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The Large Hadron Collider at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) is the ultimate blackboard for physicists all over the world. The maintenance of the biggest machine ever built wouldn't be possible without dedicated mobile interfaces used by technicians every day. Discover our techniques, lessons learned, and solutions to quickly deliver robust mobile applications in this very challenging environment. Read more.