Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA
Aneel Lakhani

Aneel Lakhani
Director of Marketing, SignalFx

Website | @aneel

Aneel drinks a lot of coffee. He’s been doing technology full time since highschool—from startups, to consulting, to teaching, to big tech companies, to analyst-ing, and back to startups. He currently does marketing at newly launched startup SignalFx and was recently a Research Director at Gartner covering cloud operations.


5:05pm–5:45pm Thursday, 05/28/2015
Location: Mission City Ballroom B1
Aneel Lakhani (SignalFx)
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Because we want to win. OODA - Observe, Orient, Decide, Act - is pop-tech-devOps-unicorn-buzzword-cargo-culting canon. But the idea is more interesting than the myth. It's not about moving fast faster fastest. It's about changing the game being played. It’s about shrinking the time to do some things so you can spend more time doing other things. It’s about the time we have and where we spend it. Read more.