Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA
Steve Hoffman

Steve Hoffman
Architect, Journera

Website | @bacoboy

Steve Hoffman is a senior principal engineer at Orbitz. Prior to Orbitz, Steve was senior software architect for Cleversafe, an industry-leading object-based storage provider. Additionally, he served as a senior software developer for G2 SwitchWorks, a company that provided travel distribution solutions for travel suppliers and agents in the United States. He is also the author of “Apache Flume: Distributed Log Collection for Hadoop.”


11:50am–12:30pm Friday, 05/29/2015
Location: Ballroom AB
Steve Hoffman (Journera), Rick Fast (Expedia)
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In this talk we will discuss how we enabled decomposition of one of our 250+ system components into a continously deployed microservice cluster using Docker, Consul, the ELK stack, and Graphite. We will discuss the architecture and supporting services as well as the continous delivery from source to production via Ansible and Jenkins. Read more.