Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA
Ariya Hidayat

Ariya Hidayat
VP of Engineering, Shape Security

Website | @ariyahidayat

Ariya Hidayat is an engineer/technical lead/FOSS fan/blogger/speaker. He is the author of Esprima and PhantomJS. These days, his activities are mostly in software craftsmanship around HTML5, JavaScript, and other web technologies.


10:05am–10:20am Friday, 05/29/2015
Location: Mission City Ballroom
Ariya Hidayat (Shape Security)
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What actually happens in the complicated network of undersea fiber optic cables, the foundation of modern communications? The talk gives an entertaining journey through this remarkable achievement, a series of scientific milestones in recent human history that will tickle the geeky side of the audience and inspire further exploration. Read more.
1:45pm–2:25pm Friday, 05/29/2015
Location: Ballroom GH
Ariya Hidayat (Shape Security)
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Writing fast JavaScript code is not only microbenchmarks. Understanding the JavaScript engine will reveal the typical code patterns favored for maximum execution speed (short function, fixed object shape, profile-guided, garbage minimization). In addition, it is also important to consider other strategies such as sampling and tracing. Read more.