Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Using RUM to deliver optimal performance for the fast new MSN

Paul Roy (Microsoft), Buddy Brewer (SOASTA)
11:50am–12:30pm Friday, 05/29/2015
Location: Ballroom F
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Little changes in speed can make a big impact for sites with as much traffic as MSN. In this talk, Paul Roy and Buddy Brewer will explore how Microsoft was able to release a faster new version of the MSN site, using real user measurement as the guidepost. We will cover:

  • How RUM fit into the ecosystem of tools Microsoft was already using to manage performance
  • How Microsoft set and kept track of their performance goals
  • What Microsoft discovered was slowing down their site
  • How performance findings were prioritized

At the end of this talk you will have new ideas for how to approach a performance revamp of your own site without disrupting your existing users.

This session is sponsored by Soasta.

Photo of Paul Roy

Paul Roy


Paul Roy leads the MSN Performance and Reliability team. Paul has 25 years of software industry experience as a developer, architect, and engineering manager in the areas of distributed operating systems and internet systems. His passion is leading teams in the development and optimization of high-performance systems. Prior to joining Microsoft in 1997, Paul worked at Silicon Graphics, Open Software Foundation, and Apollo Computer.

Photo of Buddy Brewer

Buddy Brewer


Buddy leads strategic initiatives for SOASTA mPulse, a real user measurement tool that tells you how long people are waiting on your site and how it is impacting their behavior. Prior to SOASTA Buddy co-founded LogNormal, the first company to put measuring real users first in the crowded space of performance monitoring tools. LogNormal was acquired by SOASTA in 2012.

Buddy has been helping some of the largest sites on the web solve their performance challenges since 2001.