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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Ads: Your web speed parachute

Eddie Canales (CrossChx)
11:40am–11:55am Wednesday, 05/27/2015
Location: Ballroom GH
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In a world where many advertising technologies brag about how fast their real-time bidding is, we have to wonder why advertising on the internet is still so slow. We all have constraints to work within when making our sites faster – for some of us it is to work around what we can’t control.

Learn why advertising is so slow, why it’s not necessarily their fault, how to make sure you’re impacting the things you are responsible for, which tools to use to speed up what you’re not responsible for, and even how not showing ads might actually make you more ad revenue.

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Eddie Canales


Eddie Canales has been a software engineer at for 10 years. Recently he has focused on front-end web development using Node, Angular, and Bootstrap. Eddie is a web speed enthusiast, so his goal in life is to build, as his 5-year-old once said, “something as fast as a cheetah wearing a rocket pack and roller skates.”