Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Cracking the container scale problem with the datacenter operating system

Sunil Shah (Mesosphere), Jose Armando Garcia (Mesosphere)
9:00am–10:30am Wednesday, 05/27/2015
Location: Ballroom AB
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Containerization is one of the most promising new abstractions to hit the datacenter. Docker in particular has provided great innovation in terms of simple application packaging, isolation of dependencies, and deployment to single machines.

While building and deployment of containers on services is now much easier, it’s still challenging to run them at scale, on 10,000s of servers. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to build a multi-container application using the Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).

DCOS allows easy deployment and management of datacenter workloads, while significantly increasing utilization. In this workshop, we’ll cover how to deploy typical containerized service and batch workloads across a cluster of machines using the DCOS.

Photo of Sunil Shah

Sunil Shah


Sunil Shah is a distributed applications engineer at Mesosphere, working on the applications and frameworks team to build tools and services around the Apache Mesos project.

Before joining Mesosphere, Sunil completed a master’s program at UC Berkeley in EECS, working on real-time processing of images collected from drones. When he’s not flying drones around, Sunil likes to cycle, camp, hike, ski, and play a large drum.

Jose Armando Garcia


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Sunil Shah
05/27/2015 9:21am PDT

Here are the slides from the presentation:

This is the article related to Jenkins on Mesos:

Thanks for the feedback and for attending!

Alex D.
05/27/2015 5:49am PDT

can I get the presentation location? Cheers

Picture of Simon Hardy-Francis
Simon Hardy-Francis
05/27/2015 3:14am PDT

The presentation mentioned a mesos on-the-fly, per-developer Jenkins setup. Can you post more info / links about that please?

Richard Hulsey
05/27/2015 2:57am PDT

Suggestion for the talk:

We got a view of mesos and the marathon framework, and on the presentation there were many services deployed and visible in the management framework. A really good addition would have been a sample walkthrough of building a service in the framework on the USB stick such as a simple web application / microsite with documentation or sample applications for mesos or marathon. This would allow for more hands on tinkering with the framework (stop, start, status, etc). This microsite could contain current content from your marketing literature, partner applications or whatever you decide could be mutually beneficial. Of course, this would be deployed and launched inside the mesos cluster and manageable from the marathon console.

In my opinion, following along with wget downloads during the session was not very effective and would have been better if they were included on the USB.