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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Mobile image processing

Tim Kadlec (Independent)
2:40pm–3:20pm Friday, 05/29/2015
Location: Ballroom GH
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic knowledge of page loading flow and bottlenecks will be helpful, as we'll focus on the mobile image-specific portions in this talk.


Loading images isn’t as simple as you think. We often discuss image weight and download time, but mobile devices deal with many other challenges, such as decode times in underpowered CPUs, limited CPU/GPU transfers, and memory consumption. In this talk we’ll explain those limitations, their impact, and how you can best handle them on your own site.

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Tim Kadlec


Tim Kadlec is a performance consultant and trainer focused on building a web everyone can use. He is the author of High Performance Images and Implementing Responsive Design: Building Sites for an Anywhere, Everywhere Web and was a contributing author for Smashing Book #4: New Perspectives on Web Design and the Web Performance Daybook: Volume 2. He writes about all things web at