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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Speeding up the PlayStation 4 user interface - web performance optimization outside the browser

5:05pm–5:45pm Friday, 05/29/2015
Location: Ballroom AB
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PlayStation 4 – the latest gaming console from Sony – had the biggest console launch in history, and has been the fastest-selling console since. Under the hood, the technology powering the PlayStation 4 user interface is a unique web/native hybrid application. Leveraging web technologies to deliver a single-page application allowed the engineering team to develop faster and deploy more often than its native counterpart, while ensuring the interface was very responsive. When it came down to performance, using the web stack brought some interesting challenges to solve in order to ship a fast user interface.

In this presentation, JP Castro will start with a brief introduction to the PlayStation 4 user interface unique web/native integration. He’ll show how major portions of the UI are delivered via the web, using a JavaScript-powered single-page application.

JP will explain how adopting a custom real-user monitoring solution, combined with homegrown profiling tools for single page applications, were key to understanding how the user interface performed at scale.

Going beyond Performance Optimization 101 (minify, concatenate, gzip, …), JP will cover some of the techniques the engineering team used to improve performance, such as:

  • Leveraging HTML5 application cache or local storage as an alternative to disk cache
  • Embracing JavaScript promises to enable asynchronous flows and parallel execution
  • Precompiling dynamically generated JavaScript
  • Using lazy loading and defer whenever possible

Finally, the talk will close with a look into the impact of these optimizations on user engagement. The purpose of this talk is to share the lessons learned by the Sony engineering team as we worked on making the PlayStation 4 user interface fast.

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JP Castro (@jphpsf) is a front end engineer living in San Francisco. He currently works at Sony where he contributed to the PlayStation 4 user interface. Passionate about web performance, he writes on his blog and he has been co-organizer of the San Francisco performance meetup. When he’s not talking about performance, he enjoys spending time with his wonderful daughter and lovely wife.