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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

API marketing: Is your API a marketing tactic? Probably.

Vanessa Meyer (Load Impact)
1:55pm–2:10pm Wednesday, 05/27/2015
Location: Ballroom GH
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Basic understanding of business strategy and marketing


There are several typologies of an API – namely, API is the product, API projects the product, API promotes the product, and API powers the product. This presentation will elaborate on and reframe those typologies in the context of marketing. We will examine the circumstances where an API is actually a marketing tactic in and of itself, and where it is in need of marketing in order to make the business model behind it succeed.

The presentation will use core concepts of strategic marketing – such as positioning, pricing, targeting, promotion, product, and distribution – to create a framework for either marketing an API or developing an API as a key tactic in a growth marketing strategy.

Photo of Vanessa Meyer

Vanessa Meyer

Load Impact

Vanessa is currently marketing director/growth hacker at Load Impact. Although she has experience in many areas of tech life, from operations to product management, her passion lies in marketing and growth. Her focus is on SaaS and if that includes an API or some open source component, she’s even more excited to market it. The techier the better!

Vanessa has a master’s degree in marketing and media from The Stockholm School of Economics and a master’s in international economics from CEMS. She’s not only a trained marketing strategist, she does a little bit of everything to get the job done—from a bit of coding, to graphic design, to UX.

She’s worked with successful startups like Wrapp and Vantrix, and currently sits on the advisory board of customer support SaaS startup Kundo. She’s also a judge at this year’s VentureCup Sweden. She’s Canadian (French Canadian to be precise) but finds herself feeling more Swedish every day.