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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Making DevOps a business differentiator

Mehdi Daoudi (Catchpoint)
10:05am–10:25am Wednesday, 05/27/2015
Location: Ballroom GH
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Knowledge of very general internet infrastructure


A commonly-held notion among many business leaders is that their IT and DevOps departments are little more than a cost center – a necessary evil that only adds to the cost of running the company.

But if managed properly and provided with the right tools to succeed, a DevOps team can turn a company’s web performance into a differentiator that elevates them above the competition. Research has shown that internet users have little patience for slow or unresponsive websites, and when they encounter such problems, are likely to shop/search/browse elsewhere. And if they encounter it more than once, they’re unlikely to return.

Therefore, by providing users with a more efficient and enjoyable online experience than others within their industry, a company can gain valuable market share over their competitor.

Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint Systems, will show how a business can use their DevOps initiatives to increase their user base and grow their revenue streams. On top of that, he’ll show how to optimize your costs by saving time and money through improved efficiency.

Photo of Mehdi Daoudi

Mehdi Daoudi


Mehdi is the founder and CEO of Catchpoint, the fastest-growing web performance monitoring solution. The Catchpoint vision is to provide the best IT analytics and intelligence to help companies improve their end-user performance and keep an eye on their infrastructure and vendors.

Before Catchpoint, Mehdi spent 10+ years at DoubleClick and Google, where he was responsible for quality of services, buying, building, deploying, and using various internal and external monitoring solutions to keep an eye on the adserving infrastructure, delivering billions of transactions a day using thousands of servers, routers, and various other systems.