Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Topics to Explore at Velocity 2015


End-to-End Optimization

User Experience Optimization

Network, Database and Middleware Optimization

Organizational Optimization

Deliberately Unstable Systems

SOA architectures

Managing Risk and Complexity

Incident Management

Human Machine Cooperation

Metrics / Monitoring

Systems Thinking


Ubiquitous Delivery

DevOps in the Enterprise

Instrumentation, Monitoring, and Automation

Continuous Delivery

Cloud Administration

Building the Infrastructure of the IoT


Manage Risk and Complexity

IT as a Business Driver

Instrumentation and Automation

Continuous Delivery

Cloud administration

Containerization / Deployment

Docker and CoreOS

Software Defined Networking / Network Abstraction

"Infrastructure as Code" Disruption of Networking

Continuous Security

DevOps in the Enterprise

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