Build resilient systems at scale
May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA

Who You'll See at Velocity 2015

  • Jon Parten
    Senior DevOps Engineer, Nordstrom
  • Paul Kim
    Director of Engineering, Web Development, Roku
  • Patrick Lee
    Engineer, Comcast
  • Thiago Nunes
    Backend Engineer, SoundCloud
  • David Botelho
    Principle System Engineer, Fidelity Investments
  • Sean Settle
    IT Principal Analyst 2, DirecTV
  • Aaron Suggs
    Lead Operations Engineer, Kickstarter
  • Mike O'Dea
    Senior Director, Tech Ops, Major League Baseball
  • Lydia Fitzpatrick
    Software Development Manager, Amazon
  • Ray Finn
    Director of Site Reliability,
  • Roy Rico
    Senior Programmer Analyst, American Express
  • Roman Fuchs
    Software Engineer, Airbnb
  • Pablo Borges
    Staff SW Engineer,
  • Rajasekar Jegannathan
    Staff Systems Engineer, Tesla Motors Inc
  • Kurt Andersen
    Site Reliability Engineer, LinkedIn
  • Douglas Hall
    Lead Software Developer, USAA

"The first time I went to Velocity and implemented what I learned, I saved our company close to a half a million dollars in just 6 months, that is the kind of ROI you get from attending."
-Phil Chen, DevOps Advisor, Rev Software

  • Rajasekar Jegannathan
    Staff Systems Engineer, Tesla Motors Inc
  • Meir Uziel
    VP of Managed Services, Clarizen
  • Deepak Lewis
    Senior Consultant, Thoughtworks
  • Mark Zeman
    Founder, SpeedCurve
  • Rogier Mulhuijzen
    Senior Professional Services Engineer and Varnish Wizard, Fastly
  • Austin Spires
    Lead Customer Engineer, Fastly
  • Jon Correll
    CEO & Founder, Conversion Voodoo / VoodooAlerts / Maxly
  • Nicole Forsgren
    Director, Chef
  • Douglas Hall
    Lead Software Developer, USAA
  • Robert Whalen
    Senior Developer DevOps, QVC
  • Raz Glazer
    Director of managed services, Clarizen
  • Sunil Shah
  • Sam Newman
    Consultant, ThoughtWorks
  • Donald Foss
    CEO, Blue Triangle Technologies, Inc.
  • Amiya Gupta
    Software Development Engineer in Test, Microsoft
  • Paul Roy
    Engineering Manager, Microsoft

"It's the one conference each year that I absolutely go to. I tell people that it's the conference where you go to find somebody from every company that you interact with on the Internet."
-Abe Hassan, Site Reliability Manager, Google

  • Salil Ahuja
    Senior Product Manager, IBM
  • Laura Bell
    Founder and Lead Consultant, SafeStack Limited
  • Michael Brunton-Spall
    Technical Architect, Government Digital Service
  • Jennelle Crothers
  • Laine Campbell
    AVP, Open Source Database Practice, Pythian
  • Jez Humble
    Vice President, Chef
  • Gary Gruver
    President, Practical Large Scale Agile LLC
  • Connor Doyle
    Software Engineer, Mesosphere, Inc.
  • Jennifer Davis
    Solutions Engineer, Chef
  • Colin Bendell
    Director, CTO Office, Akamai
  • Jessica DeVita
  • Gopal Brugalette
    Applied Architect, Nordstrom
  • Colin Charles
    Open source software hacker and entrepreneur, SkySQL Ab/MariaDB Foundation
  • Chris Love
    Web Engineer, Love 2 Dev
  • Jay Edwards
    CTO, PalominoDB
  • Jason Ding
    Sr. Director, Performance Engineering,

"A must event for anyone working in building a new powerful and fast future!"
-Almudena Vivanco, telefónica I+D

  • Sam Guckenheimer
    Product Owner, Microsoft
  • Seth Vargo
    Developer Evangelist, HashiCorp
  • Brendan Gregg
    Senior Performance Architect, Netflix
  • Rick Fast
    Sr. Principal Software Engineer, Orbitz Worldwide
  • Simon Hearne
    Technical Consultant, NCC Group
  • Katie Kovalcin
    Designer, Sparkbox
  • Steve Hoffman
    Senior Principal Engineer, Orbitz Worldwide
  • Andy Davies
    Associate Director - Web Performance, NCC Group
  • Mandi Walls
    Technical Practice Manager, Chef
  • David Genn
    Technical Lead, IG Group
  • John Feminella
    Co-Founder, UpHex
  • Tammy Everts
    Senior researcher and evangelist, SOASTA
  • Ariya Hidayat
    VP of Engineering, Shape Security
  • Arun Kejariwal
    Software Engineer, Twitter
  • Kelsey Hightower
    Developer Advocate & Toolsmith, CoreOS
  • Cliff Crocker
    VP, Product, SOASTA

"If you want to make the web stronger and faster then you need to be a part of the Velocity."
-Matthew French, Ticketmaster

  • Astrid Atkinson
    Director, Software Engineering, Google
  • Jen Andre
    Chief Scientist/CoFounder, Threat Stack
  • Adam Auerbach
    Technology Director, Capital One
  • Dave Cliffe
    Product Sherpa, PagerDuty
  • Ryan Baxter
    Software Engineer, IBM
  • Eric Lawrence
    Senior Developer, Telerik
  • Tim Prendergast
  • Sheldon Monteiro
    Chief Technology Officer, SapientNitro
  • Mike Arpaia
    Software Engineer, Facebook
  • Mohammed Aboul-Magd
    Senior Product Manager, Akamai Technologies, Inc.
  • Douglas Barth
    Senior Operations Engineer, PagerDuty
  • Ross Clanton
    Sr. Group Manager, Target
  • Aneel Lakhani
    Director of Marketing, SignalFx
  • J. Paul Reed
    Contributor, O'Reilly Programming
  • Lukasz Pater
    Systems Architect, CERN
  • Eric Sammer
    CTO, ScalingData

"Learnt a huge amount at Velocity. Can't wait to start putting it into practice and seeing the results."
-James Barwell, Senior Software Engineer, BSkyB

  • Arup Chakrabarti
    Engineering Manager, PagerDuty
  • Gavin Towey
    Senior DBA, Box, Inc
  • Alastair Simpson
    Project Lead, Atlassian
  • Sailesh Mittal
  • Patrick Lightbody
    VP of Product Management, New Relic
  • Zach Leatherman
    Web Developer, Filament Group
  • Charity Majors
    Engineer, Parse/Facebook
  • Heather Mickman
    Senior Group Manager, Target
  • Wilfried Schobeiri
    SVP, Technology, MediaMath
  • Matt Solnit
    VP of Engineering, SOASTA, Inc.
  • Baron Schwartz
    CEO, VividCortex
  • Todd Minnella
    Director of Operations, SOASTA, Inc.
  • Rasmus Lerdorf
    Engineer, Etsy
  • Bruce Lawson
    open standards advocate, Opera ASA
  • Ian Malpass
    Software Engineer, Etsy
  • Vanessa Meyer
    Marketing Director, Load Impact

"A fantastic opportunity to mingle with the top 1% web performance crowd and leave full of new ideas and energy. The web is going to be even faster now!"
-Christian Lizell

  • Dave McCrory
    CTO, Basho Technologies
  • Robert Treat
    CEO, OmniTI
  • Pawan Verma
    VP of Digital & Marketing Technlogy, Target
  • Mike Demmer
    VP of Engineering & Operations, Jut
  • Jason Cox
    Director of Systems Engineering, The Walt Disney Company
  • Shane Evans
    Product Manager, Hewlett-Packard
  • Adam Jacob
    CTO, Chef
  • Paul Irish
    PM, Google Chrome
  • Mark Maun
    Director, Platform Engineering, Ticketmaster
  • Katherine Daniels
    Operations Engineer, Etsy
  • Huseyin Dursun
    Vice President, Engineering Services and Operations, VMware
  • Mehdi Daoudi
    CEO, Catchpoint
  • Kyle Daigle
    Engineering, GitHub
  • Amanda Folson
    Developer Evangelist, PagerDuty
  • Jeremy Johnson
    Site Performance Manager,
  • Tyler Hannan
    Director, Technical Marketing, Basho

"This is one of the most valuable conferences in all of technology!"
-Andrew Durstewitz

  • Paddy Ganti
    Director, Solutions, Instart Logic
  • Dustin Whittle
    Developer Evangelist, AppDynamics
  • Indi Young
    Consultant, Author, myself
  • Ralph Bodenner
    Director of Engineering, New Relic
  • John Allspaw
    SVP, Technical Operations, Etsy
  • Kyle Young
    System Engineer, Mobify
  • Eddie Canales
    Lead Software Engineer, Manta Media
  • Benny Wong
    CTO, Timehop
  • Bill Green
    Site Reliability Engineer, New Relic
  • Chris Christensen
    Engineer, Limelight
  • Matthew Brender
    Developer Advocate, Basho
  • Peter Blum
    VP of Product Management, Instart Logic
  • Serdar Badem
    Chief Functional Architect, HP
  • Manish Vachharajani
    Senior Architect, F5 Networks
    Front End Engineer, Sony
  • Buddy Brewer
    VP - mPulse, SOASTA

"Great storytelling combined with awesome people to inspire you to get you off your butt and do something really cool at your job."
-Dave Ter Hark

  • John Yi
    Cloud Solutions Architect, Rackspace
  • Tim Kadlec
    Developer Advocate, Akamai
  • Guillermo Quintana
    Senior Director, Fanatics
  • Karthik Ramasamy
    Engineering Manager - Real Time Analytics, Twitter
  • Christoph Pfister
    VP, HP
  • Sean Kane
    Manager, Site Engineering, New Relic
  • Rakesh Ranjan
    Senior Manager & Architect, Cloud Data Services, IBM Cloud Data Services
  • Jeff Sussna
    Principal, Ingineering.IT
  • Rob Woolley
    Platform Engineering Director, Solium
  • Norm Warren
    Site Performance Analyst and Data Developer, Ancestry Inc
  • Siddharth Ram
    Chief Architect, Intuit
  • Dana Quinn
    Director, Application Ops, Intuit Inc
  • Avi Arjuan
  • Robert Peters
    Chief Architect, Verizon Digital Media Services
  • John Rauser
    Data Scientist, Pinterest
  • Ariel Tseitlin
    Partner, Scale Venture Partners

"Velocity is the most valuable conference I have ever brought my team to. For every person I took this year, I now have 3 that want to go next year. The learning experience and inspiration it creates in my team is invaluable."
-Chris King

  • Suchi Upadhyayula
    Director of Product Development, Intuit
  • Steve Souders
    Chief Curver, SpeedCurve
  • Tim Sheiner
    Head of Design, Jut
  • Aaron Peters
    Co-founder & CEO, TurboBytes
  • Patrick McKenna
    Training, GitHub
  • Jeanne Morain
  • Christina Maslach
    Professor of Psychology, UC Berkeley
  • Rajiv Kurian
    Software Engineer, SignalFx
  • Sriram Srinivasan
    Senior Architect, IBM Cloud Data Services
  • Mehrdad Reshadi
    Senior Software Engineer, Instart Logic
  • Tim O'Reilly
    Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • Sean McCluskey
    Director of Quality and Operations, Intuit
  • Allison McKnight
    Software Engineer, Etsy
  • Karl Matthias
    Lead Site Reliability Engineer, New Relic
  • Courtney Kissler
    VP of E-Commerce and Store Technologies, Nordstrom
  • Ritesh Maheshwari
    Staff Software Engineer, LinkedIn

"Velocity is my yearly back-to-school session: Three days of meeting the industries greatest and hearing about the stories that drive our profession forward, combined with a chance to better ourselves by picking up new cultural skills."
-Kerim Satirli

  • Alex Nobert
    Director of DevOps, Minted
  • Steve Feldman
    Vice President of Engineering, Contrast Security
  • Joel Dolisy
    CIO, SolarWinds, Inc.
  • Johan Bengtsson
    Senior Developer and Co-Founder, Apica
  • Martin Tajur
    CTO, Co-Founder, Pipedrive Inc
  • Kevin Maher
    VP, Technology Operations, Prosper Marketplace
  • Sapan Panigrahi
    VP Engineering, Workday
  • James Cronin
    Founder & CIO, Venda
  • Courtney W. Nash
    Editor, O'Reilly
  • Mojahedul Hasanat
    CTO, Therap Services
  • Phil Calvin
    CTO UI,
  • jake kaldenbaugh
    vp, corporate development, M&A, ca technology
  • scott grout
    ceo, cedexis
  • Joe Strommen
    Founder, Strommen Software
  • sajal kayan
    CTO, Turbobytes
  • Rob Hirschfeld
    CEO, RackN

"Velocity is the only conference of it's kind in the world of Web Performance and Ops! The coming together of some of the brightest pioneering minds in this field is more than you can ever wish for!"
-Marcel Verkerk

  • Tom Gerhard
    Vice President, Performance Engineering,
  • Marty Kagan
    Cofounder and CTO, Cedexis Inc
  • Oliver Gould
    CTO, Buoyant, Inc.
  • Todd Lehr
    Senior VP of Engineering, Dollar Shave Club
  • Gavin Archibald
    VP, Production Operations, athenahealth, Inc.
  • Philip Molter
    co-CTO, Golden Frog GmbH
  • Mike Deerkoski
    CTO, Technical Advisor, Depict
  • Christopher Melia
    Vice President of Software Engineering, Fidelity Institutional Technology
  • Tim Grant
    President, Blue Triangle Technologies, Inc.
  • Mark Imbriaco
    CEO, Operable, Inc.
  • William Morgan
    CEO, Buoyant, Inc.
  • Rony Lerner
    VP Engineering, cedexis
  • Jay Taylor
  • Robert Hughes
    VP Global Solutions, Blue Triangle Technologies
  • Michael Heid
    CTO, Lovoo GmbH
  • Wade Chia
    CTO, Nth Gen Software

"Velocity is an awakening and casts shadows where we can and need to improve. As important as new features are, quality user experiences and reliability are paramount to retaining users."
-Andrew Feller, Devops Team Lead Bronto Software, Inc

  • craig tiffany
    Vice President, Sales, Cedexis
  • Paola Moretto
  • Scott Klein
  • Martin Logan
    CTO/Dir. Product Management, Grouptivity/AppMail
  • Phil Stanhope
    Fellow, Office of the CTO, Dyn
  • Peter Kim
    VP, CDNetworks
  • Stephan Morais
    Sr. Director, Engineering,
  • Carl Schmidt
    Sr. Lead Developer Engineer, MSN, Microsoft
  • Mayumi Hiramatsu
    VP, Cloud Platforms Operations, Autodesk
  • Nic Tollgard
    CTO, Apica
  • Sven Hammar
    CEO, Apica Systems
  • Craig Adams
    Vice President Web Esperience Products, Akamai Technologies
  • Paola Rossaro
    CTO, Nouvola
  • Pauly Comtois
    VP DevOps, Hearst
  • David Belson
    Sr. Director, Industry & Data Intelligence, Akamai Technologies
  • Majid Entezam
    Director of Engineering,

"I came into this as a developer with very little interest in performance. I came out of it with enthusiasm to make our sites speedier, and plenty of ideas on how to help implement it. This was a big help to both my professional development and to our company's products."
-Jacob Page

  • Brian Adams
    Director, Application Operations, Intuit
  • Michael Lee
    Director, Software Engineering & Site Reliability, OpenX
  • David Phipps
    Sr. Director of Engineering, Oracle
  • Aloysius John
    Sr. Director, Transaction Services, Visa, Inc.
  • KC Laxton
    Senor Director, Systems and Security, Cogito
  • Amit Behal
    Director, Service Delivery Management, American Express
  • Deepak Doble
    Director, Booker
  • John Sherwood
    Senior Director, CBS Interactive
  • Eric Butler
    Sr. Director, Products, Cedexis
  • Alex Lovell-Troy
    Director of DevOps, Pythian
  • Nikos Liokalos
    Technical Director, Atcom S.A.
  • Alexander Andreev
    Director of Advanced Research, Parallels
  • Michael Borchert
    Director of Cloud Engineering, Digital River Inc.
  • Gary Driesen
    Lead System Architect, FDB
  • Daniel Beckham
    Sr. Director of Technical Operations,
  • Josh Gray
    Chief Architect, Cedexis

"If you are responsible for your companies online properties to perform no matter what the situation, then this is the conference for you or if you want to converse with the web performance leaders and learn from their experiences, then you need to attend at least one Velocity Conference a year."
-Justin Dorfman

  • Omar Chanman
    Sales Director, Cedexis
  • Barry Jaspan
    Chief Software Architect, Acquia
  • Dana Powers
    Director of Engineering, Data, Rdio, Inc.
  • Collin Frierson
    Director Sales Engineering, Cedexis Inc
  • Rajkumar Rajamanickam
    Lead Software Engineering, Fidelity Investments
  • Kevin Jones
    Lead Site Reliability Engineer, YP LLC
  • Dana Gilboa
    Chief Functional Architect, APM Apps, HP Software RnD, HP Software
  • Guy Taylor
    Director, FMS Operations, Intuit
  • Jason Vargas
    Managing Director, Sales Development, Datanzye
  • Marcus Groff
    Director / Architect, Carbonite
  • Dianne Marsh
    Director of Engineering, Cloud Tools, Netflix
  • Tara Hernandez
    Director of Systems Engineering, Linden Lab
  • Dessie Sadrzadeh
    Director, Engineering in Test,
  • Neil Fairweather
    Technical Lead, Nike
  • Matt Walburn
    Lead Technical Architect, Target
  • xiaohong li
    Site Reliability Engineering Director, sina & weibo

"Velocity, once again, was an excellent and thoroughly worthwhile experience - a chance to see & meet some of the finest minds working in the field of web and performance. Highly recommended for people who want to take their organisations and careers to the next level."
-Ben Evans, Co-founder, jClarity

  • Robert Karaszi
    Head of Services Delivery, Apica
  • Vivek Chopra
    Director, Technology, Beachbody
  • Venkata Putrevu
    Lead Engineering Consultant, Target Corporation
  • Alexander Bykov
    Head of development, Mail.Ru Group
  • Steve Bennett
    Performance Consultant and Director, Daemon Solutions Ltd
  • Jim O'Donnell
    Lead Software Engineer, Flights, TripAdvisor
  • Jason Chuong
    Lead DBA, CBS Interactive
  • Mike Lewis
    Senior Director of Web Development, SANDOW
  • Nic Benders
    Director of Site Engineering, New Relic, Inc.
  • dan montoya
    Senior Director of Dev Ops and IT, Target
  • Pravjit Tiwana
    Director of Engg. & Product Mgmt, The Walt Disney Company
  • Karel Malbroukou Moendzenahou
    Operations Lead, Ltd.
  • Michael Aglietti
    Director Developer Relations, Akamai
  • Scott Sarginson
    Director, CDNetworks
  • Stephen Johnson
    Director, Interface Development, SoftLayer Technologies, Inc.
  • Stefan Steinbauer
    Head of Marketing, Tricentis GmbH

"Velocity has given me tools and inspiration to deliver real business value to my clients."
-Richard Slater

  • Sue Bright
    Lead Engineering Consultant, Target
  • Victor Tatyanin
    Director - Architecture,
  • Shawn Forney
    Lead Software Engr in Test, Neustar
  • Daniel Gicklhorn
    Lead Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Goodman Gu
    Director of Technology, CPXi
  • Josh Evans
    Director of Operations Engineering, Netflix, Inc
  • Neal Sato
    Executive Officer, Rakuten. Inc,
  • Daniel Björkebaum
    IT-Operations team lead, Avanza Bank
  • Prakash Kulkarni
    Lead engineer consultant, Target
  • Gabriel M. Mizrahi
    Chief Architect,
  • Jerome Decq
    Project Lead, AXWAY
  • Robert Maas
    Sr Director, Nordstrom - Technology
  • Mary Kypreos
    Lead Technical Recruiter, Greythorn
  • John Belew
    Director UI Architect,
  • Wai Ip
    Lead Performance Engineer, MuleSoft
  • Gonen Wilf
    Head of Production, LivePerson, Inc.

"It has been a good chance to update thoughts, improve knowledge and catch new opportunities to improve our environment. Moreover a good balance between technology and management."
-Jordi Badia,

  • Kevina Finn-Braun
    Director, SR ITSM, SalesForce
  • Peter Almqvist
    Head of IT-Operations, Avanza Bank
  • Angela Dupree
    Senior Account Executive, Cedexis Inc
  • Garrett Armour
    Senior Automation Engineer, Chicago Trading Company
  • junchao chen
    senior software engineer, tencent
  • Robert Beyreis
    Sr. System Engineer, Microsoft
  • Don Steffy
    Sr. Software Dev Engineer, Yahoo
  • S Sarma
    Sr Program Manager, Microsoft Corporation
  • Meredith Jordan
    Director, Supply Chain Technology, Target Corporation
  • Bill Kayser
    Software Development Lead, New Relic, Inc.
  • Sumeet Agrawal
    Sr Analyst, The Scotts company
  • Randy Kuwano
    Sr. Solutions Analyst,, Inc.
  • Lior Matkovitch
    Senior Product Manager, HP Software
  • venkat devarayan
    Sr. Software Engineer, Yahoo
  • David Pfister
    Senior Software Architect, Financial Engines Inc.
  • Danny Viti
    Senior Release Engineer, Cox Automotive

"After 3 days here, get ready to blow the mind of your colleagues when you go back. This is a game changer experience and will give you powerful tools to face your greatest fears on performance. This is your first step towards speed and performance."
-Sérgio Laranjeira, WebDeveloper, Farfetch

  • Jonathan Creasy
    Sr. Operations Architect, Turn
  • Alon Inditzky
    Senior Product Manager, HP Software
  • Daniel Freij
    Senior Test Consultant, Apica
  • Denis Angleton
    Sr. Software Engineer, Intuit Inc
  • Joshua Aldridge
    Senior Manager IT Cloud Services, Hewlett Packard
  • Chad Desjardins
    Sr. Mgr, Software dev, Amazon
  • Raj Sivaraj
    Sr Consultant, Mastercard
  • Pete Johns
    Senior Developer, Envato
  • Thomas Soderlund
    Senior Performance Engineer, Apica
  • Matt Meredith
    Sr. DevOps Manager, WP Engine
  • Lawrence Green
    Senior Systems Engineer, Cox Media Group
  • Eric Webb
    Sr. Manager, Software Development, Rackspace
  • Jeffrey Scelza
    Sr. System Engineer, TWC
  • Tyler Batliner
    Senior Software Engineer, CBS Interactive
  • Andrew Valencia
    Senior Account Executive, NSONE
  • Paul Bourdel
    Senior Consultant, Slalom

"I was very impressed with both the event, and the community in attendance. Great information, amazing people, and mind-blowing conversations make Velocity the first conference on my to-do list from now on."
-Morgan Nelson,

  • Shai Tsur
    Sr. Business Development Manager, Seagate
  • Malini Kothapalli
    Senior Software Engineer, Verisign
  • Jonathan Lee
    Senior Software Engineer, CBS Interactive
  • Steve Lerner
    Sr. Member of Technical Staff, Network Engineering, eBay, Inc.
  • Param Devireddy
    Sr. Architect,
  • Otis Lin
    Sr. front-end engineer, TrendMicro
  • Miroslaw Baran
    Sr. System Engineer, Groupon
  • Eugene Zhang
    Sr. Enterprise Architect, Akamai Technologies Inc.
  • Nathan Humbert
    Senior Software Engineer, New Relic, Inc.
  • Duokai Huang
    Senior Software Engineer, Wechat Tencent
  • Ramasubramanian Karthikeyan
    Sr Performance Engineer, One Kings Lane
  • Douglas Boldt
    Senior Solutions Engineer, Erie Insurance
    Senior Researcher, NS Solutions Corporation
  • Rahul Ravindran
    Senior Software Engineer, BrightRoll
  • Jamal Hasnat
    Sr. Systems Engineer, NICUSA
  • craig fender
    Senior Technical Duty Officer (SRE and Incident Commander), eBay

"Velocity is the conference to go to if you want to make things better."
-Michael Beckler, 352inc

  • Jithu Menon
    Sr Software Engineer, Netflix, Inc
  • Tom Anderson
    Sr. Engineer, Digital, Target
  • Vadim Istratov
    Senior PHP Developer, Badoo
  • Eric Rosenberry
    Sr. Infrastructure Architect, iovation, Inc.
  • Abdullah Al Mamun
    Senior Software Engineer, Therap Services, LLC
  • Tom Chavez
    Sr. Product Manager, Intuit
  • Tao Xu
    Senior Architect, SAP
  • Brodie Macleod
    Senior Systems Engineer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Tim Tanner
    Senior Group Manager, Target
  • Ravinder Jilkapally
    Senior Software Engineer, Dynatrace
  • Chaitanya Bhatt
    Senior Performance Engineer, Intuit
  • Attila Bukta
    Sr. Performance Eng, Workday Inc
  • Sharafat Ibn Mollah Mosharraf
    Senior Software Engineer, Therap Services, LLC
  • Nena Caviness
    Sr. Marketing Manager for Web Perf/Dev/Ops, O'Reilly Media
  • Doug Thomas
    Senior Software Engineer, Appfolio
  • Todd Wilson
    Sr. Development Manager - Digital Retail, Information Technology, REI

"Heading home from the Velocity Confernece before my head explodes from all the amazing info, people, books - best conference ever!"
-Paul Hyland, CTO Digital Operations, Education Week

  • Andrew Mogendorff
    Senior Group Manager, Target
  • Rakshith Ramaiah
    Sr Software Engineer in Quality, Intuit Inc
  • Steven Scian, CISSP
    Senior Solutions Architect, Akamai Technologies Canada
  • Yuan Cheng
    Senior Software Architect, Huawei
  • Dennis Hoer
    Senior Software Developer, Pearson
  • Chiyeong Teoh
    Senior Engineer, Rakuten Inc.
  • Kit Lau
    Sr. Performance Engineer, Cox Automotive, Inc.
  • Luke Kim
    Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
  • Christopher Hunt
    Senior Engineer, Target
  • Sudip Gautam
    Sr. Service Engineer, Yahoo
  • Peter Connolly
    Sr Architect,
  • Jeffrey Craig
    Senior Principal Member of Technical Staff, Oracle
  • Giriraj Jain
    Sr Manager, Operations, Intuit Inc
  • Leon Towns-von Stauber
    System Administration Senior Manager, Big Fish Games
  • Ramesh Penugonda
    Sr Sytems Engineer, Groupon Inc
  • Tyler Stroh
    Senior Systems Engineer, Apple

"Feel like I've learned more in 3 days than the last 3 years! Everyone MUST go to the Velocity Conference!"
-Jason Vaughan, SRE at Fortune 500 Retailer

  • Shawn Luke
    Sr Engineer, Target Corporation
  • Peter Jakubicki
    Sr. Developer, VSP
  • Anuj Sharma
    Sr Automation Engineer, Nordstrom
  • Aminie Elsberry
    Sr. Information Systems Analyst (Specialist), California Secretary of State
  • Anup Purushu
    Service Engineer Sr., Yahoo
  • Kirsten Stewart
    Senior DevOps Engineer, Salesforce
  • deepak kotha
    Staff DBA, Intuit
  • Ken Day
    Software Development Engineer,
  • Keith Wellman
    Sr. SCM Engineer, Intuit Inc.
  • Neil Laughlin
    Sr. Manager, Site Reliability Engineering, Medallia
  • Alexander Treger
    Sr. PHP Developer, Badoo
  • Joseph Morris
    Senior System Administrator, Big Fish
  • Vikram Shankar
    Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Mitch Seymour
    Senior eCommerce Developer, Macy's Systems and Technology
  • Pete Mastin
    Product Strategy, Cedexis
  • Matthew Anderson
    Web Development Engineer,

"An avalanche of information that eats you and spits you back out in a better shape. It is more of an incubator of ideas than a conference."
-Reza Tabibazar, National Science Foundation

  • Omar Del Rio
    IT Manager, Intuit
    Performance Test Manager, Amdocs Inc
  • Joe Acosta
    Manager, UI Architecture,
  • Yuriy Zubarev
    Software Development Manager, AbeBooks Inc
  • David Smart
    Stuff, Envisage
  • Catalin Dumitru
    Software Development Engineer, Amazon
  • kandakumar doraisamy
    Mobile Performance Engineer, ebay
  • Jonathan Summers
    Engineer, familysearch
  • John O'Connor
    Software Development Engineer, Microsoft
  • Paul Ruel
    Performance Architect,
  • Calvin Freitas
    Web Development Engineer,
  • Merlin Rhoda
    Staff SCM Engineer, Intuit
  • Todd Turner
    Principal Software Engineer, Shaw Communications
  • Casey Lee
    Enterprise Architect, VSP
  • Rahul Gandhi
  • Terry Larrea
    IT Manager, Nike, Inc

"As someone completely new to the industry, I feel I gained a much better understanding of operations and web performance by attending Velocity. I can't wait to incorporate some of the new things I learned into my work."
-Erik Konecny, Kohler Co.

  • John Tumminaro
    Architect, Intuit
  • Marcus Vechiato
    IT Operations Manager, Locaweb
  • Andrew Craig
    Performance Engineer, Cox Automotive
  • Mohammed Abouzhar
    Performance Engineer, MuleSoft
  • Pragya Agarwal
    Software Development Engineer, Amazon
    manager, SRIMEX
  • Rod Montgomery
  • Michael Bergander
    CFO, Apica
  • Mikhail Bravo
    Operations manager, Playkot
  • Steve Bidondo
    MIddleware Architect, VSP
  • martin check
    Engineering Manager, Microsoft
  • Kenneth Richards
    Technical Program Manager,
  • William Cui
    Development Expert, SAP Labs China
  • Eric Rodriguez
  • Peter Kim
    Recruiter, LinkedIn
  • Joe O'Hea
    Account Development Executive, Apica

"I would definitely put O'Reilly's Velocity Conferences on a must-see list for my industry segment. I was really blown away by the quality of speakers and attendees."
-Mark Jaffe, Sr. Build & Release Engineer, Rovi Corporation

  • Michael Eklund
    Operations Engineer,, Inc.
  • Shawn Powers
    Account Development Executive, Apica
  • Taylor Price
    Marketing Manager, Apica
  • Jacob Fraser
    engineer, Fidelity
  • Robert Cummings
    Manager - Infrastructure Engineering, Nordstrom
  • Ashish Raniwala
    Principal Architect, Microsoft
  • Cameron Watters
    Development Manager, Faithlife Corporation
  • Victor Campos
    Software Engineer, Elo7
  • Damian Poznanski
    Software Dev Manager, Amazon
  • Peter Tollgard
  • Ratan Hodar
    Manager Site Operations, Macys
  • Erik Torlen
    Product Manager WebAcceleration, Apica Inc
  • Nicolaas Luttikhuizen
    Software Development Manager, Envato
  • Richard Kiene
    Principal Engineer, Faithlife Corporation
  • Gerald Davenport
    Staff Engineer, Intuit
  • Peter Jones
    Operations Excellence, Autodesk

"Attending a Velocity Conference for the first time but knowing the prestige it has built up over the years, now I know what's all the fuss about."
-Kevin Lozandier, Product Design Intern

  • Todd Nichols
    Capacity Engineer, Autodesk
  • Alexandru Tronciu
    Software Development Engineer,
  • Sebastian Binder
    Devops Engineer, CHIP Digital GmbH
  • Eduardo Montero
    Practice Manager, AKAMAI
  • Yuichi Tanaka
    Software Engineer, Cybozu, Inc
  • Bob Bello
  • Eddy Martinez
    Sales Engineer, Cedexis
  • Eric Davis
    Site Reliability Engineer, AOL
  • Kannan Kandasamy Vengadachalam
    Software Development Engineer, Amazon
  • Anthony Moreno
    DevOps Engineer, CHIP Digital GmbH
  • Teppei Sato
    Web Developer, Cybozu, Inc.
  • Prasad Velagaleti
    Software Engineer, Cisco
  • James Lee
    Engineering Manager, Nike, Inc.
  • Jason Jia
    Staff Database Engineer, Intuit
  • Mandal Suruchi
  • Mats Bjurling
    Sysadmin, Avanza

"Coming back from Velocity is like coming back from summer camp. You're amped up to try and do new things."
-Dan Cundiff

  • Sameer Goyal
    Software Development Engineer, Amazon
  • Diptal Dharia
  • Alexandre Saboia
    Systems Analyst,
  • Joaquin Diez
    IT Architect, Logtrust
  • Matt Kuzior
    SDE, Microsoft
  • Stanley Quon
    Staff App Ops Engr, Intuit
  • Radhika Garg
    Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Ryan McNair
    Project Manager, Cerner Corp.
  • Vinaya Nadig
    Software Development Engineer 2, Amazon
  • Gregoire Villain
    OpenConnect Engineering Manager, Netflix
  • Marco Echandi
    Solutions Architect, Akamai Technologies
  • Akshay Ranganath
    Enterprise Architect, Akamai Technologies Inc.
  • yasuhiro onimoto
    Section Manager, Rakuten, Inc
  • Alfredo Martinez
    Performance Engineer, Qualcomm
  • Jonathan Rayback
    Software Engineering Manager, Motorola Solutions, Inc.
  • Dan Kalins
    Developer, Motorola Solutions Inc.

"I come to Velocity conference for ideas and I have never been disappointed. It is like meeting a good friend and asking him for advice."
-Sergei Koren, Systems architect LivePerson Inc.

  • Eric Schurman
    Principal Engineer, Amazon
  • Diego Manhaes Pinheiro
  • Stu Grater
    Software CM/ALM & Agile Development Facilitator, Motorola Solutions Inc.
  • Martin Charette
    SaaS Developper, Halogen Software
  • Nithyakalyani Raman
    Performance Engineer, Salesforce
  • Jay Trent
    Software Design Engineer in Test, Groupon
  • Kristian Eide
    Principal Software Engineer, Medallia, Inc.
  • Bob Nilsen
    Performance Engineer, Intuit
  • Josué Mora
    Solutions Architect II, Akamai Technologies
  • Brian Niebrzydowski
    SaaS Operations Manager, halogen Software
  • David Bartosh
    Enterprise Architect, Akamai Technologies, Inc.
  • Jeremy Doupe
    Manager, Development Support, Technology, SoftLayer Technologies
  • Sonny Dineen
    Software Engineer, Northrop Grumman
  • Ian Withrow
    Principal Product Manager, AppDynamics
  • David Lerner
    Product Manager, ViaSat
  • chengyang zhao
    Front-End Engineer, Baidu

"I brought Managers to Velocity to expose them to the magic and passion when you have a group of highly empowered engineers together. This paid off in spades as those leaders came back and played key roles in driving our change agenda."
-Ross Clanton, Senior Group Manager - Infrastructure Services, Target

  • Gengyan Bei
    Platform Architect, Bosch
  • Nathan Heinrich
    Technical Product Manager, New Relic
  • Ken Harker
    Web Performance Consultant, SOASTA
  • seulah Choi
    Performance Engineer, CDNetworks
  • Yang Li
    Software Developer, Nureva Inc.
  • Ah-young Choi
    Performance Engineer, CDNetworks
  • Naresh Yerneni
    Staff software engineer, Intuit
  • Evandro Grezeli
    Capaity IT Specialist, Cielo
  • Aliaksandr Boitsau
    Principal Performance Engineer, EnerNOC, Inc.
  • Gerrick Winker
    Dev Ops, eBay
  • James Leatherman
    Performance Engineer, Infusionsoft
  • Jestin Woods
    Tools Engineer, Jive Software
  • Maria Arbisman
    Moo Manager, MoogSoft
  • Mark Assad
    Performance Engineer, Atlassian
  • prashanth mounachar
    IT Service Manager, cisco
  • Oren Root
    Product Line Manager, VMware

"The networking is very useful both on a social level and professional level. If I have a problem with a site or service provider, I can reach out to people I know there because of relationships I've forged from Velocity."
-Abe Hassan, Site Reliability Manager, Google

  • Kari Goodson
    IT Manager, BlueStem Brands
  • Lucas Kacher
    Software Engineer, Platform, VSCO
  • Tobin Titus
    Performance Program Manager, Internet Explorer, Microsoft
  • Christer Damm
    Software Engineer, Nordstrom
  • Gundega Dekena
    Curriculum Manager, Udacity
  • Jake Krings
    Group Manager, Supply Chain Data, Target Corporation
  • Brandon Shackelford
    Software Engineer, Platform, VSCO
  • Tim Zeller
  • Nic Jansma
    Developer, SOASTA
  • Betty Tso
    Software Development Manager, Amazon
  • Chris Bildfell
    Data Scientist, Mobify Research and Development
  • William Kratz
    Engineer, Verisign
  • KZ Win
    DevOps Engineer, Peloton
  • Chris Dijkhoff
    Capacity Manager Online Banking, ING NL
  • doug small
    Systems and Application Quality Engineer, Intuit
  • Subi Mahan
    Project Manager, Nth Gen Software

"It's few and far between that I find a conference like Velocity where on the first day you learn how to improve both business and technology through web performance and operations. Having started various companies I can appreciate the no nonsense tempo and agenda the conference brings."
-Phil Chen, DevOps Advisor, Rev Software

  • Saxon D'Aubin
    Distinguished Engineer, New Relic
  • Lucas Rettig
    IT Manager, Target Corporation
  • Hideto Saito
    Solution Architect, Trend Micro
  • Kevin Phillips
  • Marc Ghilarducci
    Moo Executive, Moogsoft
  • Mark Tanael
    Product Marketing Manager, Hewlett-Packard
  • Katrine Spang-Hanssen
  • Fadel Darwish
    Sales Engineer, Apakau
  • Ian Goldstein
    Software Engineer,
  • Ketan Ghelani
    Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Jim Jones
    Solution Architect, REI
  • Andrew Hayworth
    Production Engineer, Braintree Payments / PayPal
  • Alex Ha
    Manager, CDNetworks
  • Kiran Makarla
  • Yaron Goldstein
    RnD, HP
  • Jay DeShan
    MaaS Manager, Yahoo
  • Sean Carpenter
    Product Manager, New Relic
  • Jason Braddy
    Network & Communications Manager, DHI Group, Inc.
  • rick evans
  • Peter
    Consultant, 73rd Street Associates
  • Coburn Watson
    Manager - Cloud Performance Engineering, Netflix
  • Manisha Datye
    Manger, Target
  • Barry Hawkins
    Engineering Manager, Netflix
  • Venkat Joonutula
    Operations ENgineer, Asurion
  • Ashish Kumar
    Technical Ops Engineer, Yahoo Inc
  • Ted Neher
    Principle Quality Engineer, Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI)
  • Blaine Morgan
    Principal Engineer/Architect, Sony Network Entertainment
  • Pete Loveless
    Security Software Engineer Manager, Microsoft Corporation
  • Arnaud Brousseau
    Software Engineer, Yelp
  • moran zana
    Office manager, outbrain
  • Jose Cedeno
    Temp Programmer, Oregon State University
  • Matt Walker
    Product Manager, New Relic
  • Brook Molla
    Engineering Manager, Netflix
  • Pete Shrom
    Infrastructure Manager, WebLinc
  • Crystal Delgado
    Network Engineer, Frost Bank
  • Jack Jacobs
    Network Administrator, Tealium Inc.
  • Amir Yarmush
  • Akshay Patel
    Principal Software Engineer, Yahoo
  • Vijay Swamidass
    Manager, Software Engineering, Salesforce
  • Adam Larson
    Engineering Manager, New Relic
  • Hans Kieserman
    Architect, Yahoo
  • Rich Henning
  • Jennifer Mitchell
    DevOps Manager, Tealium
  • Daichi Onodera
    Researcher, NS Solutions Corporation
  • Nick Steel
    Manager Systems Engineering, Move
  • Julie Gunderson
    Community Manager, Taos
  • Tony Tam
    Software Architect, Yahoo Inc.
  • Brent Fisher
    Principal Software Architect, XTRAC Systems
  • Phil Hendren
  • Aaron East
    Information Security Engineer, Tealium
  • Colin Fallwell
    Principal DevOps Engineer, Intuit Corporation
  • Dipu limbu
    software engineer, Time Warner cable
  • Martin Waury
    DevOps, Lovoo GmbH
  • Phil Chen
    DevOps Architect, GoPro Inc.
  • John Landgrave
    Associate Software Engineer, CBS Interactive
  • Andrew Percher
    eCommerce Technical Webmaster, Macy's Systems and Technology
  • Arthur Shvarts
  • Suresh Visvanathan
    Architect, yahoo
  • Andrew Glover
    Engineering Manager, Netflix
  • Mark Magaling
    Site Reliability Engineer,
  • Falk Scheerschmidt
    Backend Developer, Lovoo GmbH
  • Craig Tobe
    Performance Architect, Constant Contact
  • David De Jesus
    Application Ops Engineer, Intuit
  • Ben Hatfield
    Linux Operations Manager, Rackspace
  • Jason Hill
    Manager, WebLinc
  • Mike O'Brien
    Mr, Adobe
  • Syed Bukhari
    Performance Specialist,
  • Casey Rosenthal
    Traffic and Chaos Engineering Manager, Netflix
  • Paul Urbel
    Service Engineer, Skype Czech Republic s.r.o.
  • Chris Krough
    Engineer, Bazaarvoice
  • Rakesh Gupta
    Software Engineering Manager, Mashery Inc (an Intel Company)
  • Towne Makela
    Engineer, Digital River
  • Ben Crouse
  • Lee Jones
    Web Operations Engineer, Lonely Planet
  • Omar Sultan
    Web Evangelist, Cisco
  • Pierre Leveille
    Software developer, Ericsson Mediaroom
  • Jie Feng
    Software Engineer, Verizon Digital Image Services
  • Marc Thompson
    GM Product Solutions, Fairfax Media
  • debapriya basu
    Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Eric Prouty
    Software Engineer, ViaSat Inc.
  • Greg Cochard
    Software Engineer, ViaSat Inc
  • Arindam Paul
    Software Development Engineer, Amazon
  • Chris Graf
    Operations Manager, Indeed
  • Shikha Abbi
    Performance Analyst, Apple
  • Ian Dam
    Software Architect, FDB
  • Jeff Van Oflen
    Performance Architect, AutoTrader, Inc.
  • Ryan Clevenger
    Manager, Cloud Engineering, Rackspace
  • Marcelo Olivas
    Software Architect, 3Cinteractive
  • Leah Williams
    Global Solutions Coordinator,, Inc.
  • Brian Mo
  • Lindsey Thorne
    Big Data Tech Recruiter, Greythorn
  • Scott Povlot
    Technical Architect,
  • suresh v
    Software development Engineer, Amazon
  • Renato Eleazar
    DevOps Manager, Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
  • Sachin Mishra
    Performance Analyst, Apple
  • David Palma
    DevOps Engineer, Craftsy
  • Priya Jaggannathan
    Performance Analyst, Apple
  • Vishak Ramaiah
    Problem Manager, Enova Financial Holdings LLC
  • Solmaz Abbaspoursani
    Performance Engineer, Move
  • Alexey Rybak
    Technical consultant, OOO Badoo Development
  • Arthur Freyman
    DevOps Manger, Spokeo
  • Alex Smith
    Engineering Manager, Asana
  • Pascal Hahn
    Principal Enterprise Architect, HERE, a Nokia company
  • Edward Unpingco
    Software Architect, Microsoft
  • Sierra Purvis
    Change & Release Manager, Enova
  • Matt Toy
    SVP, Customer Experience, Dyn
  • Hieu Nguyen
    Software Engineer, Quora, Inc
  • Ed Fitch
    Configuration Engineer, Move Inc.
  • Peter Norby
    Principal Service Engineer, Flickr
  • Abhishek Bangalore Sreenivasa
    Member of Technical Staff,
  • Stoyan Stefanov
    Web developer, Facebook
  • Yusuke Sasamori
    engineer, rakuten
  • Thomas Dyer
    Systems Engineer, Solium Capital
  • David Cuellar
    Product Owner, Hewlett-Packard
  • Marko Kevac
    C developer, Badoo
  • Don Voita
    Mr, AppFolio, Inc.
  • Martin Brown
    Software Engineer, Yahoo!
  • Bridget Kromhout
    Operations Engineer, DramaFever
  • luis Santos
    ops engineer, texas nicusa
  • Kynan Lalone
    Systems Administrator, Zoosk
  • Juan Caldera
    Web Architect, Dollar Shave Club
  • Dan Klopp
    Consultant, Taos
  • Jonathan Reichhold
    Software Engineer and Mentor, Usermind, Inc
  • Jithesh Krishnanunny
  • Ryan Granard
    V.P., Cloud Operations, Adobe Systems
  • Darryl Miedico
    AE Manager, North America, Dyn
  • Alex Russell
    Software Engineer, Google
  • Lance Gobaira
    IT Engineer, Skyscanner
  • Walter Choate
    CSI Ops Engineer, NIC, Inc.
  • Takuto Matsuu
    Engineer, HEARTBEATS Corporation
  • Teoman Gokcan
    Software Development Manager, Garanti Bank
  • Gavin Shriver
    Software Development Engineer,
  • Ruth Fuller
    Project Manager, BlackMesh
  • Jeff Sutherland
    Software Engineering Manager, iTriage
  • Scott Smith
    Front End Engineer, Zillow
  • Eddy Kim
    Principal Engineer, Coupa Software
  • Takashi Takizawa
    Engineer, Heartbeats Corporation
  • Stephanie Drenchen
    Engineering Manager, Microsoft
  • Vish Balasubramanian
    Software Engineer, Microsoft Corporation
  • Luan Nguyen
    Manager, Software Development,
  • Erik Guzman
    Engineer, GoPro
  • Matt Fritz
    Software Engineer, iTriage
  • Brett Robichaud
    Software Architect, Digimarc Corp
  • Renato Guimarães
    Development Manager, Bionexo
  • Avi Weinstock-Herman
    Web Developer, iTriage
  • Stefan Zube
    IT Specialist, Allianz Managed Operations and Services of America
  • Stephen Aghaulor
    Software Engineer, Coupa Software
  • Matt Canning
    Sales Engineer, Dyn
  • Bjoern Kaiser
    Teamlead Software Engineering, OTTO
  • Bruno Soares dos Santos Maimoni
    IT Infrastructure and Operations Manager, Bionexo do Brasil S.A.
  • Bradley Rosintoski
    Software Developer, Coupa Software
  • Michelle Keniston
    Sales Engineer, Dyn
  • Arthesh Kumar
    SDE, Microsoft
  • Winston Yee
    Full stack engineer, Madison Reed

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