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May 27–29, 2015 • Santa Clara, CA
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Two of the most common questions we hear at the Velocity conference are, “How do I get my team to care about performance?” and “How can I get my organization to embrace DevOps?” It’s a common refrain from inspired engineers who feel that they’re alone in a battle to revolutionize and ultimately drive the success of their company.

While the answers to those questions are complex, the solutions become easier when you don’t have to instigate them on your own. Bring your team to the Velocity conference (view the session schedule here) and infect them with the same passion for DevOps and performance that drives you.

"I brought Managers to Velocity to expose them to the magic and passion when you have a group of highly empowered engineers together. This paid off in spades as those leaders came back and played key roles in driving our change agenda."
- Ross Clanton, Senior Group Manager - Infrastructure Services, Target

This year we have attendees from industries as diverse as finance and education, government and retail. Brands known for their offline presence such as Walmart, Macy’s and Nordstrom will join with digital companies like and to share performance tips and strategies to break down the walls between developers and operations.

"Velocity is the most valuable conference I have ever brought my team to. For every person I took this year, I now have 3 that want to go next year. The learning experience and inspiration it creates in my team is invaluable."
- Chris King, VP Operations, SpringCM

You don’t have to go alone. Get the most from the knowledge and inspiration you’ll receive at the Velocity conference by bringing a team and creating allies. We offer a 20% discount to teams of 3 to 5 by using the discount code “TEAM” during registration. Contact for information on how to receive an even bigger discount if you’re bringing 6 or more people from your team.

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