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Burning Questions & Challenges in Business Technology?

Picture of Jason Yee
Jason Yee | @gitbisect |

The Velocity Conference is returning to Santa Clara this May 27-29 and it got me thinking about what makes a conference great. I’ve had some memorable times at conferences - spending all night in Austin squashing critical issues so we could roll a beta release; an amazing after party on the USS Enterprise in New York; going all-in and losing spectacularly in poker at OSCON. But there’s a difference between memorable times at an event and a really great event.

What are your challenges in business technology

I think the truly great conferences are ones that leave us with questions - questions that eventually cause us to see technology differently or alter the way we work.

We developed some new themes for this year’s Velocity Conference - End-to-end Optimization, IT as a Business Driver, Ubiquitous Delivery and Deliberately Unstable Systems - and they’ve already elicited questions that I believe will make Velocity a truly great conference.

One question we’ve seen is, “Where does performance fit in the new themes?” It’s easy to see how performance is a part of optimization, but also know that performance is a business driver (faster load times lead to higher revenue) and have seen how deliberately unstable systems like microservices can boost performance. It leads us to ask, “Is performance simply the speed of content delivery?”

We’d love to hear your questions. Take another look at our new themes (scroll to the middle of the linked page for details on our new themes), then share your questions by posting a comment below. On Tuesday, 1/27 we’ll randomly choose one post who will win a $50 O’Reilly gift card. So check back often to read other's posts and to see if you won.

Update 1/28: Congratulations to Shane Curcuru, the winner of the $50 gift card! His question about choices, even with containers and run-anywhere clouds, is a good one to ponder.

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Picture of Alex Lakatos
Alex Lakatos
01/26/2015 1:20am PST

I’ve did JavaScript Performance for a while, and I get to ask this question to some of my clients: Why is fast more important than good?

Picture of Jason Yee
Jason Yee
01/26/2015 1:17am PST

Some interesting questions from the twittersphere:

Rex asks, “The global economy is becoming more unsustainable full of risk & uncertainties, what is the way forward?” It’s a great question to consider, not only in terms of the economics/business side, but also how we can address security, risk & uncertainty in our systems.

Jon asked, “How fast is fast enough?” Which made me thing more on the question above about whether performance is just the speed of content delivery. If we think about holistic performance, then isn’t our true measure of performance the speed of user absorption of information?

Picture of Shane Curcuru
Shane Curcuru
01/12/2015 6:39am PST

For “IT as a Business Driver”: how do you actually standardize on the right technology stack or posture for a cloud environment? Or rather: how do you take advantage of this magical new cloud that can run anything, anywhere… but even with containers, different clouds or compute stacks or versions of Node operate differently. Although the world has improved flexibility since Java’s “Write once; run anywhere” promise, it still requires choices.

Picture of Nena Caviness
Nena Caviness
01/09/2015 11:59am PST

Something I like to ponder from the “Deliberately Unstable Systems – managing for risk & complexity” theme is, How does someone budget time to develop the crisis scenarios and the responses to these scenarios when they’re working on their day-to-day work? In other words, how do you wear both hats – firefighter and builder? From the first time I learned about ChaosMonkey and other hypothetical disaster tools, I’m fascinated by who/when one can make time for this.

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