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Scribd is a social publishing site where people upload and share creative writing and various documents, regardless of file format. The company claims more than 55 million unique users to the network each month and well-known users such as Barack Obama, the World Economic Forum, major publishers and New York Times-bestselling authors.


9:30am–10:20am Thursday, 10/08/2009
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Moderated by: Joe Wikert
Hugh McGuire (PressBooks / LibriVox / Iambik ), Neelan Choksi (Lexcycle), Trip Adler (Scribd), Michael Tamblyn (Kobo), Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
Is $9.99 the new "normal" for ebook pricing? Or is the sweet spot closer to $3.99, or $1.99, through the iTunes store? As the age of ebooks dawns, publishers are struggling to find pricing that works for their customers and their business models. It's a time of transition fraught with challenges and opportunities. Read more.