Schedule: Workshop sessions

Location: Broadway Ballroom North Level:
Renee Register (DataCurate)
Based on concepts from the facilitator's recent publication, The Metadata Handbook, this workshop provides introductory metadata training through hands-on metadata creation and review. Read more.
Location: Duffy/Columbia Level:
Stephanie Anderson (Darien Library), Dan Blank (We Grow Media), Rachel Fershleiser (Tumblr), Kassia Krozser (, Kevin Smokler (Kevin Smokler enterprises)
Anyone can tell an author/bookseller/publisher or library to be "engaged with the community." But how and why? What are the metrics/case studies that back up this feel-good but time consuming approach? In this session we'll hear great stories of local literary engagement from the authors, companies and organizations that practice it and believe books are a vital part of a region's ecosystem. Read more.
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Fabienne Riener (Sourcefabric o.p.s), adam hyde (Esetera)
This workshop explores the concept of Book Sprints, a collaborative process of conceiving, writing and publishing a book in 3-5 days. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Joshua Tallent (eBook Architects, now Firebrand Technologies)
The new Kindle Fire HD tablets and the exciting advancements in fixed layout capabilities available in KF8 have expanded the digital options for publishers with complex book designs. This workshop will cover the process of creating all of the different kinds of enhanced fixed layout files in the KF8 system, including children's, comics, and non-fiction. Read more.
Location: Soho Complex Level:
Kristen McLean (Bookigee), Kat Meyer (O'Reilly Media, Inc. ), Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Porter Anderson (Porter Anderson Media), Jason Allen Ashlock (Movable Type Management), Amanda Barbara (Pubslush), Eve Bridburg (Grub Street), Laura Dawson (Bowker), Cory Doctorow (EFF), Rob Eagar (WildFire Marketing), Amanda Havard (Immersedition), Scott James (Red Hat Project), Mark Jeffrey (, Elizabeth Keenan (Penguin Group), Allen Lau (Wattpad), Sabrina McCarthy (Argo Navis & Perseus Distribution), Libby Johnson McKee (Amazon), Dana Newman (Dana Newman), Kate Pullinger (Bath Spa University), Mark Lefebvre (Kobo Inc), Tarah Theoret (NetGalley LLC), Tim Sanders (Net Minds)
This one-day conference-within-a-conference from the thought leaders at Tools of Change and Publishers Weekly is designed specifically for professional authors, content creators, agents, and independent author service providers who want to move beyond "Social Media 101" to a more robust dialogue about the opportunities in today's rapidly shifting landscape. Read more.
Location: Broadway Ballroom North Level:
Dave Cramer (Hachette Book Group), Stefan Hermann (infinity-loop GmbH), Bill Kasdorf (Apex Content Solutions), Denis Saulnier (Harvard Business Publishing)
HTML 5 is the lingua franca for EPUB 3, modern browsers, and apps-—and XML gives it the rigor and power needed for your whole workflow, not just the end of it. In this session, Bill Kasdorf will show how XHTML is being used to create a foundational model for publishers that provides the structure and semantics demanded by repositories, rendering, and repurposing while providing HTML-based agility. Read more.
Location: Duffy/Columbia Level:
Publishing is increasingly about establishing and maintaining processes, not about producing once and for all finished and final products. This is especially the case in digital publishing, when publishing dynamic online books and selling them as licensing-services. In this session the audience will learn about some open platforms that are useful to service oriented operations. Read more.
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Steven Shadle (University of Washington Libraries)
Studies have repeatedly shown that including publisher metadata in systems used by libraries (including library catalogs, link resolvers and search engines) increases usage. Find out how libraries provide access to electronic content through your metadata and what you can do to improve that access. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Nellie McKesson (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
CSS3’s new Paged Media spec provides us with a set of tools to craft all book formats--including print--from the same HTML source, establishing a fresh, flexible, and attainable route to single-source publishing. I'll share technical details, workflow suggestions, and prerequisites for implementing an HTML/CSS book-making toolchain in your organization. Read more.
Location: Broadway Ballroom North Level:
Karen Tripp (O'Reilly Media)
Karen Tripp, Digital Distribution Manager at O'Reilly Media, discusses the challenges of distributing ebooks to various retail channels such as Amazon and iBooks. File and metadata preparation will be discussed, as well as file delivery and strategies for effectively delivering content. Read more.
Location: Duffy/Columbia Level:
Todd Carpenter (NISO - National Information Standards Organization)
Alternative metrics, or altmetrics, are being rapidly applied in a variety of contexts for the STEM community. They are providing a number of new assessment tools for the research community. However, their application isn’t just for academic publishers. During this session, we will explore what alt metrics are, how they are derived, and and how they are applied. Read more.
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Amanda Gomm (Digital Bindery)
We know how to typeset print books, and by now, we know how to crank out EPUBs. It's time to create some typographical standards for the eBooks we publish. Join publication designer and EPUB expert Anne-Marie Concepcion as she lays out how we can get the twains to meet. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Tyler Martin (Deloitte Digital)
Using open web standards and jQuery Mobile, we will learn techniques for creating a touch friendly, responsive digital experience. We will also explore responsive tactics, HTML5 video, CSS3 animations, and touch events to create an interactive eBook fit for any tablet on the market. Read more.
Location: Broadway Ballroom North Level:
Moderated by:
Betsy Beaumon (Benetech)
Larry Goldberg (National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH (NCAM)), Rick Johnson (Ingram | VitalSource), George Kerscher (Daisy Consortium), Doug Klein (Nook Media, LLC)
A tour of evolving technologies, including mobile devices and e-readers, that provide reading experiences for people with disabilities and others. New reading systems, publishing tools and practices, EPUB 3, smart graphics, best practices, the Content Model for accessible images, and new retail models. Insights into content accessibility from publishers, retailers, researchers, builders and users. Read more.
Location: Duffy/Columbia Level:
Tim Berglund (Confluent), Matthew McCullough (GitHub)
A thorough introduction to the day-to-day Git commands and concepts, with just enough exploration of the internals and how they can be applied specifically to publishing - to make Git come together for you. Read more.
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Pilar Wyman (Wyman Indexing)
Pilar Wyman, President of the American Society for Indexing (ASI), demonstrates model mashed-up indexes which link both back into text and beyond, providing increased opportunities for discoverability and monetization for eBooks and other eContent. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Meagan Timney (Blurb, Inc.)
As the digital publishing landscape stands at the precipice of change, authors are in a unique position to create not just “eBooks” or “screen-based books”, but holistic and integrated “digital reading experiences”. Attendees will learn first-hand how to apply UX design strategies to the creation of “digital reading experiences.” Read more.


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