TOC Sponsored Sessions

Sponsored sessions led by TOC sponsors and exhibitors for the O’Reilly TOC Conference happening February 12-14, 2013 in New York, NY.

Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
John Wheeler (SPi Global)
To successfully migrate to EPUB 3/HTML5 requires the necessary technology, resources and the know-how to do it. This session will provide an overview of the pitfalls to avoid, and provide a roadmap on how to manage this process. Topics to be covered include CSS, audio and video content, SVG Support, Media Overlays, Scripting and much more. Read more.
Location: Empire Level:
Kent Freeman (Vital Source Technologies Inc., an Ingram Content Group Company)
Are e-textbooks on your radar? In this session, Kent Freeman of Ingram's Vital Source, will share insight about implementing e-textbook programs in online environments. Kent will demonstrate advanced content and system integrations including EPUB3 content, single sign-on integrations, and e-textbook apps on mobile devices that create the dynamic experiences students and faculty demand today. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Patrick MARTINENT (Newgen KnowledgeWorks Pvt Ltd)
Silk Evolve is an integrated product for professional, high-quality conversion of PDF to ePUB3. A person trained to work with this tool can produce books involving complex style elements such as footnotes, tables, index pages, and hyperlinks using automation, enabling a 24-hour turnaround time. Silk’s 12-step standardized review process facilitates focused approach and delivers consistent quality. Read more.
Location: Empire Level:
Jim Hamilton (InfoTrends), Jo-Ann McDevitt (Association of Educational Publishers), Peter Givler (Association of American University Presses)
This session is designed to discuss how the market will adapt to changing dynamics. Industry leaders in book publishing will explore how digital technology is impacting a number of different market segments including religious publishing, educational publishing, technical publishing and children’s books. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Moderated by:
Greg Pizzuti (IBM Software)
Gregg Guest (Fadel Partners, Inc.), Pascal Honscher (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), Julie Irish (Harvard Business Publishing), Edward Klaris (Condé Nast), Kris Kliemann (John Wiley & Sons Inc)
The ability to quickly onboard content, manage associated rights & reward contributors is the backbone of any publisher. New technology capabilities can support your publishing enterprise as it evolves. Now you can integrate enterprise class solutions that support asset management, monetization, rights, royalties & contracts. Join our expert panelists for lessons learned & ideas you can take back. Read more.
Location: Empire Level:
Steve Gottlieb (Shindig)
Learn how the Shindig video chat platform can help you superserve the book industry, create new and unique online content, and open new online revenue streams. Large-scale author video chat events represent the best new strategem to engage readers and attract new ones, and ignite worth of mouth crowd sourcing by providing readers with meaningful and memorable experiences. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Sameer Shariff (iPublishCentral)
In this session, Sameer Shariff will look at the different aspects of putting together a winning eBook strategy. The session will showcase case studies of success stories from publishers around the world using iPublishCentral. This session will also introduce new features in iPublishCentral 4.2, highlighting the next generation of eBook delivery with richer content. Read more.
Location: Empire Level:
Sol Rosenberg (Copia Interactive, LLC), Seth Kaufman (Copia Interactive)
The big question:How do I increase profitability & sales for digital content? Here’s a surprising answer: start with your very own title list. Annotations may be a cute (and ‘must-have’) feature, but did you know it can hold the secret to publicity, engagement and sales in new and surprising ways? Find out how with case studies over the last few years with a variety of different types of titles. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
John Costa (Qbend LLC), Kaushik Sampath (Qbend, LLC), Nathan Welch Moderated by: Joe Wikert
This session explores the opportunities available for publishers to improve their return on investment by establishing their own brand presence in the eBook space, selling direct to consumers, creating content that fulfills the need of the consumers, understanding consumer behavior, analyzing data and accelerating their eBook business. Read more.
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Richard Bowles (Intel Corporation)
Based on qualitative research and prototyping, Intel Labs will share a vision for an innovative, open publishing ecosystem for production, distribution and use of digital content that addresses common problems noted by members of the publishing industry, while accelerating innovation in digital content business models. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Scott Cook (codeMantra, LLC), Gareth Cuddy (ePubDirect), Eric Freese (codeMantra, LLC)
CODEMANTRA and EPUBDIRECT combine forces to provide an accessible platform for the management and global distribution of eBooks to retail channel partners, along with comprehensive sales reporting and analysis. Visibility on eBook performance has become crucial – as publishers strive to make informed decisions around pricing, sales channels, return on investment and future resource allocation. Read more.
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Laura Dawson (Bowker), Carl Kulo (RR Bowker), Patricia Payton (Bowker)
In this"Ask Me Anything" session, three representatives from Bowker will take questions on any book industry topic. Carl Kulo will provide answers about readership & trends from PubTrack Consumer Research; Laura Dawson will provide answers about metadata & identifiers & how they are used in the industry; & Pat Payton will provide answers about publishers, libraries, distributors & ebook retailers. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Kelly Gallagher (Ingram Content Group, Inc. )
Consumers are demanding to read what, how, when, and where they choose. To thrive and succeed in publishing today, publishers must enable content for flexibility and portability. Kelly Gallagher, VP, Content Acquisition of Ingram will review how a publisher can make the move from traditional inventory models to complete “on demand” inventory management models, using today’s technology. Read more.
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Scott Cook (codeMantra, LLC), Gareth Cuddy (ePubDirect), Eric Freese (codeMantra, LLC)
In developing title management modules for its collectionPoint 3.0 (cP3.0) customers, CODEMANTRA has hit on two entirely separate approaches. In meeting requirements for the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND’s publishing division, the company has developed a workflow that leverages existing databases and uses key metadata inputs as workflow and process triggers. Read more.
Location: Chelsea/Gotham Level:
Richard Maraschi (IBM Global Media & Entertainment), Joe Wikert (O'Reilly Media, Inc.)
The era of big data is here - with new types of valuable customer information like sales trends, purchase patterns & sentiment. As publishers transform offerings & business models, the ability to leverage customer insights is critical. But without a solid strategy, publishers risk big data simply being a big problem. Learn about the meaning of big data and potential applications & strategies. Read more.


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