Tobias Nielsén

Tobias Nielsén
CEO & Publishing Director, Density (of Volante)

Website | @tobias_nielsen

Tobias Nielsén is the CEO and publishing director of the research-based publishing firm Volante based in Stockholm, Sweden.

He has a Master’s Degree from studies at Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden, and Columbia Business School in New York City, USA. He has a background as a journalist.

Mr. Nielsén has been a keynote speaker at conferences in Hong Kong, New York, Beijing and London.


Location: Duffy/Columbia Level:
Tobias Nielsén (Density (of Volante))
Tobias Nielsén, CEO and publishing director of the research-based publisher Volante, shares some lessons learned when trying to launch an international digital-first imprint – from a small-country perspective. US and other English-language publishers take a bigger share of our Swedish market every year, but how can we strike back? Read more.


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