Doug Lessing

Doug Lessing
Chief Uniter, Firebrand Technologies


Doug Lessing is the President for Firebrand Technologies, a software and services company founded in 1987 dedicated to providing solutions for book publishers. Joining Firebrand in 1990, Doug has worked through the thorniest of publisher issues, often going well beyond technology to solve them. As President, Doug’s mission is to ensure that the Firebrand Community is being well served and ensuring that Firebrand is establishing new relationships. In this role, he is given the opportunity to preach often about Title ManagementEcommerce and the Firebrand philosophy.


Location: Broadway Ballroom North Level:
Doug Lessing (Firebrand Technologies), Micah Bowers (Bluefire), Susan Ruszala (NetGalley)
Selling Ebooks Direct To Consumer requires a seamless purchasing and reading experience for the consumer, yet to date, there are very few programs that have overcome the challenges of building a complete ecosystem. This session will explore the complete cycle of discovery, purchase, delivery, reading and feedback of a thriving Direct To Consumer program. Read more.


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