Glenn Nano

Glenn Nano
Founder, Code Meet Print


Glenn is the founder of Code Meet Print, the community at the intersection of texts and technology that helps explore, define and build better interfaces, curators and marketplaces for quality storytelling. Code Meet Print partnered with the inaugural Twitter Fiction Festival, hosting the “Very Short #VSS Story Contest,” and has hosted events with NYC partner General Assembly featuring innovators like Readability, Red Lemonade, Findings, Contently and The Atavist. Glenn is the founder/CEO of on-demand technology help desk startup AnswerQi and was formerly a seed stage VC at Centurion Venture Partners.


Location: Duffy/Columbia Level:
Moderated by:
David Wilk (Booktrix)
Pauline Hubert (BookMovement), Glenn Nano (Code Meet Print), Audrey Niffenegger (TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY), Joe Regal (Zola Books)
The ebook market's early stages have been dominated by proprietary devices, below-cost pricing and disintermediation of book purveyors. As open environments reduce the power of device lock-in, curation and social interaction will become increasingly valuable components of the reader experience. Read more.


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