Pauline Hubert

Pauline Hubert
President & Founder, BookMovement


Pauline is the president and founder of BookMovement, a private networking website for book clubs that is now the largest database of book clubs in the industry (35,000 clubs) with annual membership spending power of $90 million. Pauline’s entire career has revolved around books. Her experience as English major at Barnard College, over the summers working in the editorial department at Artisan (a division of Workman), and at the William Morris Agency, first in the literary department and later in the new media department, opened her eyes to the opportunity to aggregate book clubs online. She started BookMovement to give clubs a better way to communicate with members and find great books based on ratings of other book clubs. Pauline also has an MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from NYU.


Location: Duffy/Columbia Level:
Moderated by:
David Wilk (Booktrix)
Pauline Hubert (BookMovement), Glenn Nano (Code Meet Print), Audrey Niffenegger (TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY), Joe Regal (Zola Books)
The ebook market's early stages have been dominated by proprietary devices, below-cost pricing and disintermediation of book purveyors. As open environments reduce the power of device lock-in, curation and social interaction will become increasingly valuable components of the reader experience. Read more.


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