Max Fenton

Max Fenton


Max Fenton partnered on a web 1.0 consultancy in his teens, assisted artists in his twenties, and refocused on networked reading last year while sleeping on a mountain in India.

Online editor of The Believer and evangelist of A Book Apart, he reads the web voraciously and lives on Twitter as @maxfenton and @maxisreading.


Location: Astor Ballroom Level:
Moderated by:
Max Fenton (
Mandy Brown (A Book Apart), Paul Ford (Activate), Allen Tan (New York Times)
With our canons on our phones, our highlights in the clouds, libraries that deliver to local branches, and every treasure just one-click and two-day shipping away— how are we making the most of these luxuries? What are the best features of books—on screen and on paper—and why does this moment feel so exciting as readers? Read more.


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