Louis-Jacques Darveau

Louis-Jacques Darveau
Publisher, Editor, The Alpine Review

Website | @ljdarveau

Louis-Jacques Darveau is Publisher and Editor of The Alpine Review, an ambitious new independent magazine that has been referred to as “a compendium of ideas for a world in transition”.

A recovering lawyer and refugee from the land of boardrooms, Louis-Jacques consults independently to both public and private institutions, focusing on new ventures, innovation opportunities, product development and marketing. He has wide-ranging experience working with high-profile clients in Canada, the US and Europe, delivering performance-boosting solutions. His passions include issues of complexity, turbulence, good governance and good society. LJ is currently based in Montréal, where he lives with his wife and daughter.


Location: Astor Ballroom Level:
Moderated by:
Erin Kissane (Contents Magazine & OpenNews Source)
Todd Boss (Motionpoems), Louis-Jacques Darveau (The Alpine Review), Eli Horowitz (The Silent History), Kate Pullinger (Bath Spa University), Russell Quinn (The Silent History)
In this 2-session “mini-track,” Erin Kissane leads a panel of artists (author, editor, designer/developer, poet, and multimedia producer) in exploring how technology is influencing art and authoring, and how the very nature of creation is being redefined by networked and other tech tools. Read more.


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