Maureen Evans

Maureen Evans
Co-founder, Poetica

Website | @maureen

Maureen Evans is a London-based author and co-founder of Poetica, a place to write better together. She’s a poet determined to change the game, passionate about community resiliance, de-centralised publishing, and experimental forms. Maureen wrote a first collection of poetry at Queens University of Belfast — but her first published book is a reference cookbook in 1000 tweets, Eat Tweet (Artisan). Say hi to @maureen and @cookbook.


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Maureen Evans (Poetica), Blaine Cook (Poetica)
Done right, an editor's work is invisible to readers — so goes tradition. What if we change that? What beauty, value and joy may be shared in opening editing up to the Web? Tools related to production and distribution of content are proliferating, but other aspects of publishing are unchanged from ten years ago. Read more.


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