Erin Kissane

Erin Kissane
Editor, Contents Magazine & OpenNews Source

Website | @kissane

Erin Kissane is co-founder and editor of Contents, an online magazine that draws connections between new forms of editorial work, publishing, and journalism. She also edits Knight-Mozilla’s Source, a community site that highlights the work of data journalists and newsroom coders.

She is the author of The Elements of Content Strategy (A Book Apart, 2011), and has worked with clients including W.W. Norton, Thomson Reuters, and the US Patent & Trademark Office to develop unified workflows and tools for publishing on the web. She was formerly the editor of A List Apart magazine and editorial director of Happy Cog Studios.

She lives in Brooklyn and blogs infrequently at


Location: Astor Ballroom Level:
Moderated by:
Erin Kissane (Contents Magazine & OpenNews Source)
Todd Boss (Motionpoems), Louis-Jacques Darveau (The Alpine Review), Eli Horowitz (The Silent History), Kate Pullinger (Bath Spa University), Russell Quinn (The Silent History)
In this 2-session “mini-track,” Erin Kissane leads a panel of artists (author, editor, designer/developer, poet, and multimedia producer) in exploring how technology is influencing art and authoring, and how the very nature of creation is being redefined by networked and other tech tools. Read more.


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