Fabienne Riener

Fabienne Riener
Chief Operating Officer, Sourcefabric o.p.s

Website | @SourceFabienne

Fabienne Riener is the Berlin-based Development Manager at Sourcefabric, a not-for-profit organisation that builds open source software for newsrooms, radio stations and media organisations. Their latest tool, which was launched at ToC 2012, is an open social production platform for books.

Before joining Sourcefabric in January 2012, Fabienne enjoyed a varied career in the media and arts sector including a two year stint at NBC Europe in Duesseldorf (Germany), running a Film Production company and setting up a Film Festival in Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK). She holds an MA in Cultural Management and has won a Royal Television Society Award in 2008. Having studied and lived in Germany, UK and the US she enjoys being a blogging social media cultural hybrid and feeding her curious mind with news and information about new communication and interaction platforms.

In her role at Sourcefabric she is constantly on the lookout for new collaborators, clients and partners. Follow her on Twitter, “@SourceFabienne”


Location: Empire/Hudson Level:
Fabienne Riener (Sourcefabric o.p.s), adam hyde (Esetera)
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