Vision for Professional-Grade User Experience with Digital Content

Richard Bowles (Intel Corporation)
Sponsored Session
Location: Empire/Hudson Level:

Discoverability of published materials, inadequate relations directly with end customers, hardware & software incompatibilities and the plethora of e-file formats are among the many issues raised by publishers in exploratory discussions with Intel Labs researchers, These create huge challenges for the publishing industry, however there may remain many opportunities and possibilities to consider when transitioning professional book content to an e-media product. Intel Labs will share a vision for an ecosystem based on an open construct and which leverages existing standards to enable production, and distribution of digital content, and which addresses the many challenges noted by publishing industry participants. Experience suggests there is an opportunity to accelerate innovation in digital content business models via an industry working group to review and refine bold new concepts, and encourage participation from the worldwide community of publishers.

This session is sponsored by Intel

Richard Bowles

Intel Corporation


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