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Charles Nix (Scott & Nix, Inc.)
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Good books deserve exceptional typography—and a key to creating exceptional typography is the freedom to choose the best typeface for the job. But where are we with typographic choice in eBooks? Should we limit ourselves to resident fonts? Which devices and formats allow font embedding? What are the legal issues regarding embedded fonts? Are we limited to typefaces that are freely available? What’s the difference between a free typeface and one that’s free for use in ebooks? And what is the cost of typographic freedom (for licensing—or failing to license fonts)? Charles Nix, Chairman emeritus of the Type Directors Club (an international organization dedicated to excellence in typography) will present and discuss these and other burning eBook typographic issues.

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Charles Nix

Scott & Nix, Inc.

Charles Nix is the son of a printer. He studied art, design, and typography at The Cooper Union, and has designed hundreds of books and a handful of typefaces. For twenty years, he has taught at the Parsons School of Design, where he also served as Chairman of Communication Design. He is Chairman emeritus of the board of the Type Directors Club, an international organization dedicated to furthering typographic excellence. He is currently a partner at Scott & Nix, a publisher of science and nature titles. He enjoys wrestling with complex data sets, and is dedicated to bringing quality typography to both print and screen.


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