Radical Advocacy: Literary Agents on Your Side

Jason Allen Ashlock (Movable Type Management)
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In a publishing economy that empowers creators and disintermediates middlemen, what role, if any, might an agent play in the successful career of an independent author? Literary manager and entrepreneur Jason Allen Ashlock of Movable Type Management describes emerging models of expansive author management, and recommends agents be the kind of radical advocates their author-partners deserve.

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Jason Allen Ashlock

Movable Type Management

Jason Allen Ashlock is the co-founder and President of Movable Type Management, a literary management firm that fosters storytelling across platforms, devices, territories and generations. As such, he develops new books and digital properties with the company’s authors and media clients, and oversees new initiatives such as The Rogue Reader. He sits on the advisory board of a number of technology start-ups in the publishing space and teaches digital publishing at City University of New York, City College.


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