Title Management – Two Unique Approaches

Scott Cook (codeMantra, LLC), Gareth Cuddy (ePubDirect), Eric Freese (codeMantra, LLC)
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When publishers at the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND added cPMetalogic, a robust metadata editing and management module, to their cP3.0 installation, they immediately saw the opportunity to integrate metadata from a host of siloed databases, and in the process build a comprehensive view of any one title, at any phase in its development. This innovative system prompts processes and workflow along development paths that inform editors and managing editors, finance marketing directors, sales directors, rights managers and ultimately production managers as key data and updates are made available. Management at all levels is alerted when key metadata is added to the system, setting in motion informed decision making. This advanced system makes use of look-up tables and consolidates data generated by separate, but interdependent systems.
THE UNIVERSITY PRESS OF MISSISSIPPI (UPM) approached CODEMANTRA to design and develop a Title Management System (TMS) that provides an efficient, streamlined workflow for the complete management of their publications product lifecycle.

The result was a title management system that provides the following functionality:

  • Project management
  • Scheduling and tracking (book production, marketing and design)
  • Schedule Dependencies
  • Rights management
  • Contract management
  • Budget development (productions budgets, sales and returns)
  • Custom reporting

This module of collectionPoint 3.0 (cP3.0) allows UPM to better manage, report and track their titles workflow from the early stages of planning and budgeting through to final delivery of a product in the marketplace. The complete TMS provides for manuscript acquisition, development, editing, composition, conversion and distribution of books to a multitude of channels.

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Photo of Scott Cook

Scott Cook

codeMantra, LLC

Scott Cook is responsible for codeMantra’s technology initiatives and strategies. He has held various management positions within the publishing industry, spanning a 20-year period. His decades of experience have brought equipped him with an understanding of every aspect of the publishing production life cycle — including technology development and implementation, project management, process review and re-engineering, book design, print production management, creative planning, implementation and web content management.

Scott’s first management position was with Macmillan Publishing in 1990, where he managed a production budget in the $ millions and a staff of 20-plus. In 1999, Scott became Director of Content Technology at John Wiley & Sons, where he made major contributions to workflow enhancements and publishing technologies. Later, as the Executive Director of Design and Composition at Thomson Learning, Scott was responsible for overseeing design and composition groups, spread across six locations, with an output volume of 1,300 titles each year.

Now, at codeMantra, Scott is responsible for directing technology-related initiatives across all divisions. He works closely with the production teams, business development teams, and clients in directing technology-based strategies and solutions.

Photo of Gareth Cuddy

Gareth Cuddy


Gareth Cuddy founded Directebooks Ltd in 2009 bringing together his twin passions; books and technology. One of the leading experts on eBooks and Digital Publishing in the UK and Ireland, previously, Gareth worked in Sales & Marketing roles within a number of international companies. In 2010 he successfully transitioned Directebooks to ePubDirect, moving from retail to publisher services, and building a reputation for innovation and results within the industry internationally. Under his guidance, the company has grown significantly year on year. ePubDirect is now a global leader in the provision of eBook Distribution services. In 2012 the company launched a revolutionary eBook Analytics package allowing publishers to analysis sales and marketing performance, pricing and outlet sales. ePubDirect remains dedicated to delivering higher returns to publishers through a culture of innovation and a fundamental understanding of market requirements.

Photo of Eric Freese

Eric Freese

codeMantra, LLC

Eric Freese has a rich background in publishing production within a variety of industries, from technical publications and defense, to legal, to education. From the early days of SGML, he has worked as a consultant, software developer and content architect. As the Senior Product and Technology Development Manager at codeMantra, he is involved in setting product strategy and direction and managing continued expansion of the collectionPoint platform and its host of supporting modules and applications. In this role he oversees all product development efforts and technology initiatives and works with clients to ensure that their requirements are met.


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