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Over 400 years of human communication and innovation have been powered by the book. We’re on the cusp of dramatic change, but to date the industry has been using woefully inadequate technologies to build natively digital products. Page layout software is a relic of the past. Text is necessary, but not sufficient: we now need to achieve the fidelity we’ve come to expect of print in digital products, too. And that’s a tall technical order.

In this keynote, Matt MacInnis will discuss newly announced products that will aid not only in the construction of structured, high-fidelity digital products, but also provide powerful new ways to drive content discovery among consumers—without the help of the established distributors. Beginning with announcements as part of the Tools of Change conference, Inkling will lead a new path for digital publishing in 2013.

This keynote is sponsored by Inkling

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Matt MacInnis


Matt MacInnis is Inkling’s Chief Executive Officer. He founded Inkling in 2009 on a mission to rethink the way we publish, a journey that began first with the textbook and has moved to much more. Today, Inkling is defining a new medium for publishers and consumers alike.

Before founding Inkling, Matt spent eight years at Apple, beginning in marketing, moving into product, and then running Apple’s education market development team in Asia for over two years, based in Beijing. After helping to grow Apple’s business in the region, Matt was called back to Apple’s California headquarters to coordinate Apple’s growth in education globally.

A native of northeastern Canada, Matt earned a degree in Electrical Engineering with a Citation in Mandarin Chinese from Harvard University. Both Matt and Inkling are based in San Francisco.


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